Full moon . . .  

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Full moon . . .

...I would like you to come over for dinner, she says. Without hesitation, shut off the computer, and left. Upon arrival, we had some polite conversation, and got ready to gout to "our" restaurant. The walk over was very nice, I love to hold her hand... After reading the "specials", we went in, and found a table outside. It's were we usually sit... The live band playing some Jazz, we decided to order a few "AP'S" and a bottle of wine... The waitress announced that there will be a slight delay, due to the crowd tonight, and everyone ordering at once.... "No problem".... (I was enjoying the "company", I didn't care how long it would take)... Enjoying the wine, the music, and the fact that she looked amazing; I began to lightly touch her back... Not sure if it was the music, wine, the fact that we hadn't eaten, or that she was just horny; she was "responding" to my touches... After enjoying our meal, and drinking the rest of the wine, we sat there, and enjoyed the band that was playing... The whole time, I kept lightly touching her back, neck, and ear... She was really getting in to it!! I was so in to her getting aroused by just my touch, I was ready to leave... Still waiting for our bill, the sexual tension was starting to mount... She said that she wanted to "fuck" me, right there!! Damn!! I was really wanting to leave by then!! FINALLY, the bill came, we paid, and left... While walking bake, the parking lot by her house, provided enough darkness from the busy street, she stop me,and we began to kiss... not just a peck, but those passionate kisses that you only read about... Thinking that we were going back to her place, to continue what we started, she lead me to the back of her house.... wanting to find something darker, and a little more private. It was the picnic area on the side of her garage...dark, no one can see, and yet, "Naughty" enough to heighten the level of excitement... immediately, we began kissing again... this time hands were everywhere... feeling her back.... her "HOT" ass, her hips.. even her firm supple breasts... She could now feel my hard cock through my shorts, pressing against her thigh... still with the passionate kissing, I began to rub the crouch of her jeans... She responded with a loud "sigh", and continued to kiss me... Going at it like a couple of school kids... she back off just a little, and lowered her pants to her knees!! Allowing my finger to slide in... still kissing... finger working in and out.... in and out... she reaches under my shorts, and grabs my hard cock... I could tell she was getting close... in... out.... in... out... as she cums, she turns around, lower her pants even FURTHER.. allowing me see see her ass in the moonlight... dropping my shorts, freeing my rock hard cock.... I eased it into her.... OH MY GOD!! I'm fucking her outside!! Grabbing her hips, I started to increase my speed, when she tells me to "Fuck Her HARD!!" My cock was working her pussy over.... balls slapping her ass... trying to be a little More quiet, I continued to take her doggie style.... in.... out.... in.... out.... then I came!! she came!! Legs shaking..... pants and panties around her ankles... ass exposed in the moonlight... I slowly pulled out of her.... we both were stunned and shaking form the animal fucking that just happened... after getting dressed, we slowly walked back to the house to continue....

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69inTHEmorning2 replies on 9/13/2006 9:09 am:
Just say the word....

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9/12/2006 1:36 am

Wow sounds like you had some fun!!

69inTHEmorning2 replies on 9/12/2006 2:45 am:
Not telling

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