Firsts . . . . .  

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5/31/2006 6:16 am

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Firsts . . . . .

Love "Firsts".....
...The first time I saw you; The first time I heard your laugh; The first time I seen your eyes "smile"; The first time you blushed; The first time I smelt your perfume; First time I opened the door for you; First time I heard your cute little sneeze; First time you came to my apartment; First time I made dinner for you; That first kiss....; First time I kissed your neck; First time I caressed your face; First time I gave you "goose-bumps"; First time I touched your breast; Your first "sigh"; first time I removed your shirt; First time I seen you in a bra; the first "butterfly-kisses" on your belly; First time I rubbed your jean-claded crotch; First truly passionate kiss...; The first button on your jeans; first attempt at your zipper; First time your jeans were balled up on the floor; Your first moan....; First time I felt your wetness through your panties; First time I sucked your erect nipples; The first time I seen you totally nude....; The first kiss on your inner thigh; The first time I seen how wet you really are; My first breath on your naked pussy....; The first time my tongue touched your outer lips; the first time I licked your clit; Your first "squirm"...; the first time I made you cum.......; The first time the head of my cock touched your lips; The first time I slid in..........; The first time you came vaginally; The first time I came inside of you.....; The first time I held you after sex....

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5/14/2010 11:16 pm

hmmmm love reading your stories here

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