I want you to relax  

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1/26/2006 12:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I want you to relax

and take a deep breath, give your leg muscles a few seconds to stop jumping, and then I want you to take that ice cube from that glass and rub it in circles all over my nipples. Ohh lick it, it's cold. Squeeze my huge tits while you suckle on my nipples, Pinch them, bite them. Slide your finger down and touch my pussy, feel how hot it is. Let me taste that finger. Umm I taste good, go see for your self. Lick my shaved pussy, lick it everywhere. I like it when you suck on my fat lips. Eat that juicy pussy baby. My clit is getting so big- rub an ice cube on it. Yeah I like that, now lick it. Stick that ice cube in my pussy hole and suck it out before it melts. Ohh yeah. You suck it so good. I love fucking your face. I love when you bury your tongue inside me. Yeah slurp up all my juices.Ive nutted so many times and I dont want to stop. I want to squirt cum out my pussy all night. Lick the juice down to my asshole and stick your tongue in. Yeah suck my ass. You make me want a nice big dick in my ass. Do you like dicks in your ass. I want your finger in my pussy. I want all your fingers in my pussy. Oh yeah fist me bitch, fist that hot wet pussy. Pump me till I nut then suck it all up. Keep lapping up my cum but swing that pretty ass around so we can 69. I have you so fucking horny your boyfriend just walked in and you dont want to stop eating my pussy, I wonder what he will do.
To Be continued

rm_SexyStarDan 32M

1/27/2006 7:43 pm

Check out my blog and let me know what you think. also, why dont you have any pics?

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