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69baby75 45F
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10/13/2005 6:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

tell me

well i have been thinking things through and i have been asking mysef a question lately. i am happily married and i still want to be with other men. i have been on this site for about a year and have been with a few guys. does it really make me such a bad person to be doing this. i was talking to a guy from here and said real honestly that he would like to be with me but i am married and he is seperated,and did not want to do something that he would then think "what have i done".
after all this time i still have not thought that. but i know that some people out there are probably thinking that i am a slut or something. i have been with many married men and they say that they are not happy in their marriage but they still stay.
is it wrong that i do get with them and let them have a good time even if it is for just a few hours. i know i would be furious if that were the case with my husband. but know its like well if your going to be with someone else its ok i just need to be invited. i no longer trip over him looking at other girls, because i guess deep inside i would let him. even if i was not with him.
i dont want to say that all my experiences have been great but in the time i have been here i do know that we all are here for the same thing. we just want to talk or have sex with someone else for the rush and excitement. that is the thing that makes sex feel so good and new.
so many people being married just dont know that they need to let themselves loose and enjoy being with their companion. i learned that not too long ago. i guess i was the same borring wife that most men here have. as soon as i let my self do what i wanted and let my man know that i was scared of what i was doing.
most women think that men will think wrong of them if they suck their dick or play with themselves, but hey that is what they like and usually turns them on.
so i guess what i want to say is that this has opened me up to have an exciting life at home and outside the home.

so does this make me a slut or someone who is just enjoying her life

rm_allinme2131 43M/34F
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10/13/2005 10:35 am

girl just injoy it you only live life 1 time thats the way i see it im telling you theres nothing like another licking you till you cum man and thats what i want to do to you i hope im not coming on to strong but dam your stories just turn me on talk to me a little on instant massnger so i can tell you all the thing i want to do to you look for me on tue thur or sat from 9-5 lets talk i promise ill make you wet

rm_nervclan 49M/50F

10/13/2005 5:17 pm

Well written. I don't think your a slut from what your wrote. I'm trying to get my wife to be with other people. She needs more sexual experiences I think. Me, being an ex-musician, have had more than most people by the time I was 25. But she has been very sheltered. Does this make me a bad husband? I don't think so. To want her to experience other men/women I'm just trying to get her to enjoy all that sex has to offer more than she does now.

69baby75 45F

10/14/2005 6:08 am

allinme-thanks for everything. ALL the things you want to do to me.
yes that is inviting.send me your mesenger and i will get
back to you quick, fast, and in a hurry
neryclan-yes i know what you mean. i am also trying to get my
husband to join a few new things as well. we finally got in
as a couple but he does not know that i have been here a few
years already. i think we could have a real good time if he
agreed to let me be with other gys. oh well i guess one step
at a time

Missluvalot 42F

10/14/2005 2:40 pm

hey, NO i don't think you are a slut. I do think that you need to let your husband know what is going on... maby you are not the one boring(housewife) maby he's the boring one if you get excited by other men... I myself don't get turned on or excited by other men just women. Just remember something (i had to learn the hard way) if you hide this from him, 9 times out of 10 he's going to hide shit from you which is alot worse from a womans point of view. It's called CARMA girlfriend just be careful. it can bite you in the ass if your not careful. goodluck and i think you should keep having as much fun as you want to. All husbands think us HOUSEWIVES are boring, but what they don't know is the freak within trying to get loose from all the kids, housework, bills, etc...... If more husbands would let the freak come out and insist that us women feel free and loose from all the household drama we face every day, I think the world would be full of alot more happier marriages.

69baby75 45F

10/17/2005 6:01 am

miss- you are right and do intend to tell him some time soon. we are starting together as a couple and then maybe we can bring a man in as soon as he sees that i want him with other woman too. thank you for all you said to me.

rm_nervclan 49M/50F

1/24/2006 11:03 am

Just wondering how this all ended up for you. It's been a few months now.

69baby75 45F

1/26/2006 12:09 pm

nerve things have been going great. he still has no idea what i do but maybe in time he would eventually be like you and want to share me with others. i know i dont mind sharing him either. we can both have a good time and be a bit happier, and i know he will like it as well.

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