a simple touch  

69baby75 45F
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9/6/2005 7:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a simple touch

how great does it feel when someone just gives you a friendly touch. this last weekend i was with a real good friend. we are always playing around and this weekend things started to get real hottttt. i was wearing a skirt and when we went riding around i had my coke inbetween my legs and she kept reaching in for it. she did not want one but she was drinking mine. when she would put it back her finger always seem to get higher and higher. i never said nothing cuz well damn it felt good. then the next day i also wore a skirt. i went to her house and we were watching a movie. it was kind of cold in there and she had a blanket. so i also got in with her. her husband wsa sitting onthe other side of us but paid no attention to us. then all of a sudden i knew my feet were close to her and she just laid her hand on my leg and everytime she moved it would go higher and higher. by the time i knew it it was already inbetween my thighs. it felt so good and then we were just talking like nothing and all that time she was splaying with my clit. i opened up more and she slowly put in a finger and with the other massaged my clit. it was so hard to keep a straight face with here husband right there. he finally got up and offered us a drink. she quickly said yes and he went. as soon as he was out she opened up my legs and stuck her finger in me and fingered me. by this time i was already real wet she took out her other hand and took my breast out of my tank and began to suck it i was real hot by now with every movement of her hand i moved and then i came. she was happy and so was i. before her husband got back i went to her bathroom and cleaned up and then i came back and he was already there. he just kept smiling i felt like she had told him something but then again i was not sure. i still got under the blanket and she held my hand and it was just so cool. i wonder when il be able to pay her back for that.

billbooth70 43M

9/9/2005 9:27 pm

Great story! thanks for the beautiful imagery

cupid_68 37M
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9/12/2005 9:08 pm

NICE. If you ever return the favor I would sure like to be there. Let me know if I can be any help when you need a man to touch you and give what you need. Send me an email

beewulf9 39M

9/15/2005 4:13 pm

My God! You seem to be having a hot streak. (Reading backwards here)

singlem1969 48M

9/22/2005 5:08 pm

Very arousing. I like the use of words and fine detail. Lol, like so many guys, I would love to be with you and your friend and watch you two play and hopefully join in where her fingers were.
It is very erotic. Thanks.

69baby75 45F

9/23/2005 6:15 am

singleman- well i am still waiting for the day that she comes up on me again. we see each other almost everyday and its like nothing happened. we both know we liked it, but will not go over more than that. should i make the first move next time?

you guys let me know!!! i know you have been in the same situation at some point in time.

rm_allinme2131 43M/34F
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10/8/2005 12:45 pm

man girl you fucken turn me on i want to play with your clit but with my mouth i want you to scream i want to make you feel like no other woman has as soon as poss let me know when

69baby75 45F

11/7/2005 6:04 am

all- im still waiting for you to get bak to me

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