lrmarmsman at y place IM amd mal  

69armyof1 46M
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2/23/2006 11:23 am

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3/5/2010 12:45 pm

lrmarmsman at y place IM amd mal

I would like to meet a couple and or a single woman for no string hot

casanovabeladona 52F

2/25/2006 10:41 pm

well we have come close to meeting.. but I couldnt idntify you by your face..*G* want to do lunch sometime? we can " eat out" lol

69armyof1 46M
20 posts
3/2/2006 10:06 am

We could always eay at the Y it would be a lot of fun see you this Friday.

69armyof1 46M
20 posts
6/5/2008 3:13 pm


MsLuscious6969 38F

7/22/2008 1:56 pm

Let's talk!!!!

fukkeduppeder 36F
3 posts
7/18/2009 1:48 am

i'd like to talk with you on yahoo. do you have an im account?

fukkeduppeder 36F
3 posts
7/18/2009 1:50 am

we can get more acquainted rather quickly there. are you in LR or NLR now?

69armyof1 46M
20 posts
8/11/2009 1:14 pm

sorry i dont check this much but i an on yahoo under lrmarksman look me up but let me know who you are so i will answer back.

carmelcandy78 41F
67 posts
9/11/2009 1:02 pm

I know this guy has been nothing but patient with me and one day soon I have plans to meet him. Don't give up on me babe! I am for real just more unexpected stuff than I would like to have. Look forward to the day though.

69armyof1 46M
20 posts
10/7/2009 9:45 pm

Im not giving upjust try to make it happen soon......

rm_mallory863 47F
1 post
3/1/2010 9:17 pm

omg! my old profile i couldnt get

gettinitgreat 54M
6 posts
1/21/2011 12:52 pm

i would like to be the other alternative sex person if only to suck cock and lick your nuts

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