A lovely sweaty sexy night  

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6/13/2006 1:34 pm

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A lovely sweaty sexy night

I had a great night on Sunday , as I had hoped. Nice to know I can still pull . My pal went with me to the club .
We started in the main room....a good mixture of dance music and got to chatting to two lads Pam had met before .
Mine was about 6 feet . slim , reddish hair . When we were having a drink I " innocently" asked if there was another room .
So in we went . he wasn`t very good at slow dancing but I was so pressed up against him.. he could hardly move anyway .

Sure enough after a few minutes of wriggling my hips .....and when his hands told him I had nothing on under the dress....he was like a rod .
He had to stick his hand down his trousers to adjust his erection.

It was a nice dimly lit place and there was loads of snogging going on ...so we joined in .
He was pretty good and I quickly became aroused .
......Hiis hands became more adventurous ..and one was soon playing with a nipple as we pressed against each other .
His other hand was round my waist at first ...but got lower and lower ...stroking my bum through the thin silk ... pressing gently on the base of my spine.... what a sensual pressure point that is !!

it was a really laid back place ....and the other couples were well in to it as well .

I needed the toilet . and he said he had to go also .
The loos were in a short corridor...and when we entered it ...it was empty...in seconds we were in a tight embrace...our tongues lashing each other..
His right hand slid up my skirt....I instinctively parted my legs ..and he put his fingers on my wet opening .
...I jerked with the delicious shock of it ... and the
excitement of being in a public place was making my head spin .

He had just slipped one finger easily into my hot pussy ..when a loo door opened.
I was so horny after so long without a man ...my legs were trembling...and as I sat on the toilet seat I was very tempted to bring myself off...as I touched my wet cunt lips and very firm clit.
I decided against.....I will have the real thing tonight I
thought...to hell with it . But surely not all the way?....on a first
"date " ?
I decided to wait and see how things developed

I will cut to the chase........Pam went home with her guy and I accepted a lift from Tom .

There`s a small residents` car park near my flat ....I didn`t want to take him into my flat ..so we found a quiet space in a corner .

I had better leave something to tell my regular friends , or they will be moaning .


We went straight into the back for comfort...it was a nice car .It had been a long time since I had enjoyed sex in a car but happy memories came back .
To save him tearing it...he was very excited....I unzipped the dress and it fell round my waist .

Well you can guess the rest....we kissed urgently and deeply... his right
hand stroked my pussy
and the other my naked and tingling breasts
I unzipped him and gently stroked his cock.
I am` pretty good at hand jobs ..and kept sliding my hand gently...not too hard ...as I have been well ..trained .
I do a sort of twisting ... rotating movement that my last b/f showed me .
.He had said that too many women do it too hard and nearly pull it off.

Tom tried to pull me down to suck it......but I wouldn`t ....too
soon.....you have to keep some things back !
He was fingering me nicely ...seemed well experienced ...probably
One finger in at first ...then ...worked up to three with his thumb
stroking my wet clit.
I was soaking wet....and so excited .

I had been nearly 3 months without a man ....and only my own stroking to keep me going ...so when he started sucking one of my breasts I nearly came there and then...I always cum very easily .

I pulled his hand away to make it last longer ...and we did some more
deep kissing...he was very good .
We were ..and nice and comfy , and I was having a great time.

He kept gasping " I` ve got a rubber you will be alright "
I stick to the old rule ..not on first night ( daft I know.)
Suddenly he he pulled my bum up onto the seat ...pushed up my legs and went down on me .
Christ...it was sooo good .....again he was very expert...
H licked and sucked gently on my already swollen clit and lips as he knelt In the cramped space in front of me .

He reached up and starting squeezing my nipples in time with his
sucking......god it was good....my clit and nipples seemed to be joined in one lovely sensation.
All I could do was grab his hair and moan .

Suddenly he turned and reached over and leant across to the glove
Oh he`s getting a rubberI I thought. I wan`t sure if I could resist
any longer...and when he knelt down again...I put my head back , and was starting to say...no..not tonight.
..Then I heard a buzzing and almost at the
same time... what could only be a vibe was shoved into my slippery pussy..
...It felt thicker than my own...and it felt fantastic....the
sudden shock of pleasure made me jerk and moan.

t had hardly been in and out about six or seven times when he stroked his thumb over my clit......and I just exploded in a piercing rolling orgasm .

I am very noisy when I cum....can`t help it ......so as the waves of
sensation rolled through my vagina and belly I heard myself almost
screaming with pleasure .
He seemed surprised when I yelped .....must be used to quiet ones .

He sat up beside me...and after I had stopped shaking..and got my breath back I started to give his rock hard cock a nice extended wank..in .gratitude.

As I said ..I am pretty good at hand jobs .
Also have found men love a gentle massage of their balls ...it`s using just the right amount of pressure ..I was taught . Some women have told me they are afraid they might hurt them.

Tom meanwhile was still fingering my still tingling pussy and sucking my breasts.
Just as i was thinking I should finish him in my mouth....he erupted.
I didnt have a tissue ready ...and it went all over his shirt...I do hope
he isnt married !

We were playing about a bit for maybe having another go ......his cock was hardening in my hand ...but a car pulled in looking for a space and we cleared out ..after hurriedly getting our clothes sorted and back into the front of the car .

Of course he asked to see him again...so I said I might see him at the club in fact I did see him again .

rm_macfred 44M
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6/13/2006 1:55 pm

I had sent a reply to your previous blog, but I guess you have sort of answered my question here.... It would have been nice to hear all the detalils though.... What really happened that night in the quiet corner of that dimly lit residents car park???

I guess we will never know... Or will we ??


Optiskeptic 70M
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6/13/2006 2:09 pm

bugger! (as Hugh Grant might say) now we are all moaning with the frustration of having to wait to find out all the slippery, slithery, tantalisingly details. It's not fair... but then why should you care about us, you're the kitty who got the cream. Have fun!

694us1984 33F

6/15/2006 4:01 pm

Thanks Mac for your interest . I am not really sure what I am doing here . As I said , I swap stories with my chat friends and it might take away the personal sharing if if it goes public .
So why do it here you ask . Good question Robin ..as the masked one liked to say .
So since I hardly have a readership to worry the Sun ( yet ) , I might as well stop being so bloody precious and put up the rest .
That doesn`t mean that I won`t tease in future ...its nice to be appreciated , and I am an exhibitionist I `m afraid

694us1984 33F

6/15/2006 4:06 pm

My reply was for BOTH of of my two magnificent readers lol

rm_DeepSir 45M

6/16/2006 3:16 pm

Keep the stories coming - although its very hard typing with just one hand...


rm_skbsep 37M

6/20/2006 4:09 pm

Very nice story now just goin to have me having thougts all night, hmmm lol. look forward to the next one


SirMounts 103M

6/23/2006 6:56 am

Well, it's good that some people still know how to have some good clean fun. *winking*
Welcome to blogging, 694us. *smiling*

FunSeekerInTheSu 40M

7/23/2006 11:58 pm

Deliciously Erotic!


BixinDearsHumin 37M

9/16/2006 4:08 pm

Quite erotic - one of the best I've read in the blogs!

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