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2/18/2005 1:10 pm

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So Dawn and I are usually morning showerers, except when we are planning or expecting sex. So on Monday, when she went for a shower at about 9:00 pm, my cock started to wake up. Not hard, just aware.

When she came out, she looked at me on the couch and asked "So were you planning on getting any??"

I gave my most unassuming look and said "That would be nice."

"Well, get to the shower!" And like a good little fuck toy I scampered off to shower and to wash all my naughty bits.

When I got out of the shower, she had the kids in their rooms for the night and I turned off all the lights. She was sitting on the couch in her robe. I sat down on the floor at her feet and looked up into her eyes. I kissed her knee and said "I've got lots of Valentine kisses for you."

She spread her legs and lifted one foot up onto the couch exposing her fresh sweet pussy to me. I said "Good Girl," and put my face to her pussy. I love the smell and the taste of a freshly washed pussy. My cock started to grow even before my tongue found its way to her box. When it did, I began to lick her slit up and down and as her clitty slowly swelled, I started to flick it with my tongue and then suck it. I reached up and grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to me so that I could work my tongue as far as I could into her tasty fuck hole and for a few seconds I ran my tongue down until I found the tight clean rosebud of her ass. I flicked my tongue over it for a moment and gently probed it, tongue f***ing her anus. I love her bottom. She made me do her tail on her birthday last week, but thats another story.

When I was done teasing her behind I moved back up to her gorgeous slit and began to lick her clit in earnest. I started writing things with my tongue on her clitty. She has no idea that I'm writing anything but it does vary the sensations on her sex button for her. I wrote things like "Threesome" "Double Penetration" and "Group Sex" on her swollen clit with my tongue. By now she was working her nipples and her breathing had become a good indicator of her arousal. She said, "lets go to the bed."

In the bed, we spooned for a while. I kissed her neck and licked her ear and she ground her ass against my throbbing erect tool. I purposely let this go on much longer that normal in order to tease her. Eventually she became frustrated and pushed me on my back and climbed up on top of me. She reached down and grabbed my cock and brought it to her wet enterance. My cock slid up in to her box's warm wet embrace with little effort. She gasped as my cock filled her. Then she began to ride me.

This is some of the best sex for me. I know that I won't cum to easily, so I can just suck on her full breasts and watch her get off. Its the best kind of Porn. Eventually I could tell that she was close to cumming and then I could feel a flood of wetness cover my balls and leak out on to my belly. Its a warm and satisfying feeling knowing that your lover can use you.

After she came, Dawn collapsed on my chest for a moment and then began to move like she was going to get off of me. But I had different ideas, so I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her face to mine. We kissed deeply for a while. It turned me on knowing that the flavours of her cunt were on my lips. I like the idea of Dawn tasting pussy. As we lay there and kissed, with my still hard cock stuffed deep in her cum drenched cunny, I began to thrust in and out of her wet, wet woman hole. We wiggled a bit to get the best penetration and I pulled her mouth to my shoulder so that she could lick my neck and I could whisper in her ear.

"I fantasize about some strange man slamming your ass while you ride my cock. It gets me so hard thinking about you getting your delicious pussy pounded and your tight, tight ass stuffed at the same time."

I continued to thrust my stiff manhood in to her cum soaked hole and I could tell that she loved it by the way that she whimpered and the response that my thrusting got from her hips.

"You'd like that wouldn't you? You'd like to have my stiff cock deep in your box and have some stranger grease up you tight tail and violate it. It would feel so good having a thick cock pressed against the rosebud of your anus. You could ride me as he pushed his swollen cock into your back door. And it would hurt! It would hurt as you stretched to accept that thick cock, but you'd like it. Wouldn't you?'"

Dawn took her mouth from my neck and whimpered a submissive, affirmative "uh huh." I continued to work my cock in and out of her sweet wet pussy and I could feel her try to grind her clitty against me.

"You'd like it because you're my nasty little slut and you love a good tail banging. You'd love to be able to ride my cock and have some stranger's thick cock stuffed in your bottom."

Dawn gasped "Yes!" as I moved the position of my hips to penetrate her precious pussy in a new way. Now my cock was entering her wet box such that the head of my swollen penis rubbed along the back wall of her pussy and I could tell that it was really working for her.

"You're going to cum again, aren't you??"

Dawn mumbled a "yes" as she focused her attention on her cock riding.

Louder and more forcefully I said, "You're going to cum with me in your sweet cunny and some stranger's cock slamming your tail!! Take it all! Take all that cock in your tight bottom. Make him fill your sweet tail with thick, creamy semen."

Suddenly I could feel Dawn start to quiver and her weight fell back onto my chest as she stopped supporting herself with her arms. I could feel her body shake and continued to thrust my cock into her pussy to prolong her orgasm. I love making her cum so much. Its a really gratifying feeleing to make your lover cum.

This time I let Dawn climb off my cock. She laid down to the left of me and rolled on her side. I was rolling onto my side as well. As she rolled she pushed her bottom out and presented me with her pussy. My cock quickly found its way back in to her wet cum hole. It seems that I rarely cum when she's on top, but I always cum when we spoon like this. I grabbed he hip with my left hand and her neck with my right and began to work my cock in and out of her now sloppy pussy enjoying the glorious friction as her sweet wet cunny swallowed my cock.

"Oh, I love your sweet pussy" I said as I started to get into it. "I love that you cum for me. I love that you let me in your sweet precious pussy. I love that you let me put my tongue and my fingers and my cock in you...and I'm going to cum in you. I want you to take my creamy cum in your sweet pussy...oh I love you...I love your tight box...Oh I love doing you."

By now I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming. I exhaled and held my breath and began thrusting harder and harder. My tool ached for release and all of a sudden I could feel the sweet release as I blasted my load into her sweet pussy. I gasped and collapsed.

We snuggled close and lay there for a while...

It was a good Valentines day

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2/1/2006 2:33 pm

well if you are looking for that someone to slam from the back let me know i will glady do it

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