DEEP IN MY FOREST !! (part 1)  

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4/24/2006 5:36 pm
DEEP IN MY FOREST !! (part 1)


(part 1) "The Nettle Field"

As usual, that spring morning she woke up early to get to her woodland to pick up fresh herbs (a sleep under the dew), and berries…. She needed to stock up her nearly empty jars, with fresh spring herbs, and roots and mushrooms for her recipes, herbal infusions, soups and treatment ‘potions’.

She started preparing her body with a warm bath and oils … she knew well the preparation rituals… she new she will take the plunge again to initiate the arrival of the summer. Nature will know she was coming. Nature will know she would be there among her creatures. Nature was expecting her to be ready and in rhythm with the springs, the flow of the water, the movement of trees' branches, the nettle flowers fields. Nature was calling her again. She took her time and felt ready… her toga/dress prepared… The door was open now and then she stepped, out into her woodland, the peaceful sound of leafs in the wind, was caressing her fresh and perfumed skin…. as she closed her eyes and smelt the smell of grass and felt the ground under her feet … the door behind her closed up … and there she was…. dimensionally imbedded… Deep in her forest. She took her basket with her, the gloves, the cutting knife and scissors and her favourite little blue coloured glass jar. Her white long toga/dress was all she had on her … deep in the forest.

The rays of the sun were guiding her path and she slowly slept into a trance of pleasure… abandoning her mind to the surrounding sounds… abandoning her body to the floating of her dress, caressing her naked body under it. And when she reached her favourite spot … she breath deeply and slowly and gently in her movement she left her basket at her feet and stared at the nettle field in front of her. She could hear the water splashes of the warm springs near by …. She new she’ll have to take a leap and do it… she new that what she wanted… she felt finally at home… summer was coming. So she bent and reach the end of her dress and pull it out … along her curvy hips… along her oiled skin… along her fuller breasts…. and she was free … once again naked free with Nature as her lover. Her long and soft hair where caressing her shoulders and breasts and she felt embraced, finally, by the breeze of the morning…. Cold! Crispy cold and pure…. Oxygen in her lungs.. she took a breath and start to run….

Naked, running in the field of nettle… running where no one has been all winter season… no one new of her spot, deep in the forest. The nettle plants were high and thick… brushing against her shin while she was running naked under the young exiting sun of the morning… the dew was disappearing and she felt hot and burning. She reached the end of the nettle field and stopped in front the spring pond. In front of her the clear waters… she took the plunge and throw herself in it… she could not stop her self moaning with pleasure… the water against her skin was like ice, cooling the hot sensation of burning and shoot her blood to her head! She was in ecstasy… her body was shivering with pleasure and her heart was pumping hard… adrenalinic… adrenalinic and pure. But then she heard a sound… she new that wasn’t nature … she turns around, as she felt something was there in the forest with her….

Her senses were awaken … she could feel everything surrounding her… she knew something was alien there (she knew her forest well…. She started to look around the pond … her eyes were moving faster, while she was still deep in the water…. Staring at every branch around her.. She couldn’t see anything suspicious so she came out of the water a little … her blood was still rushing under her skin… the oils were mixed with water now over her reddish skin… her breasts were shining under the ray of the sun… and so the curves of her voluptuous body. The running plunge in nettle and the cold waters of the spring, made her skin soft and red… shining like diamond… The drops of oil clinging on her body looked like little pearls, refusing to slide down. And then she heard the sound again … this time was clear… it came from above her shoulders…. Behind her, next to the pond the was a wall of rocks… and just at the top of the rocky hill the were some horns … ‘ooooh’, she thought… there must be some deer… and she came out of the pond to see it better.

But when she reached the grass and turned around she gasped in horror… the thing behind the rocks stood up and show… it was a man… a naked man with his face hidden by a mask… A mask made of clay and wood and golden leaves with horns attached to it… it was a spirited mask … the spirit of the woodland was staring at her with deep dark eyes behind the mask… they were staring at her standing naked below … with her red shining skin under the sun… reflecting in the water. He stood fiercely still... he wanted her to see... to see that he was there, entering her territory. The 'Mask' was calling ownership, the Mask was breaking in, deep in her forest... She shook in fear… she tremble for a moment and felt the water in her long wet hairs dripping down her back… she knew she had to run … her freedom was in danger… and so she did …

She run as fast as she could … naked and scared … without the courage to turn her head around… She left the open fields and run deep in the woods... she run and hide herself no sure which way to take.. behind trees and bushes to hear if any sound was fallowing her... and then when she felt safe, she started running again... and stopped again and started again until much later, she reach the spot where she remember she left her basket… and looked for her white long toga/dress…. It wasn’t there… it was gone! She felt like she was hunt and start to turn on her self around … around … around … no body there… she was safe… maybe … a little.. Her heart was pumping in fear… she didn’t know “what was it I really saw?” she asked herself in confusion… “That wasn’t supposed to be there… deep in the forest, deep in MY FOREST!”.

She bent and looked again under the bushes, near the basket … no sight of her white toga/dress… it was gone… but then she spot some thing coming out of her basket… she left the cloth and she gasped … she could not believe her eyes… her heart stopped pumping in her chest again… It was laying in there…. It was inside her basket!!

Staring at it again… she put her trembling hand inside and took it out of there… It was the ‘Mask’… the wood spirit mask she saw on the naked man behind the rocks….

[to be continue]

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