Tears for a friend.  

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1/25/2006 6:07 pm

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Tears for a friend.

For those of you that know and/or remember me you know that I'm a softy. yeah, the big bad bull-riding US-Marine and father of three "feels" for others. What I'm referring to is my friend Sylvia. She is a wonderful woman that lives across the street from me.

Sylvia always carries candies in her car for my young boys so when she drives by she can give them a little something special. She is just a good human being. Well, her husband of 63 years passed away last Sunday. I will give her some space to be with family before I stop over to give my condolences but in the mean time I'll ponder what it must be like to love someone so deeply that, every day, for that many years, you gave of yourself to only one person.

I see so many here and outside these Cyber walls that hurt so deeply for a love just like she had. A love so lasting and true, watching children grow and move on to their lives while clinging to one another because the foundation of that family is the love they share. The bond that will not be broken until death. Hmm, sixty three years. I cannot even begin to imagine the memories, laughter and the trials they endured. The overwhelming joy of children and the passing of friends and loved ones over the course of six decades. Six decades of dedication and love, Wow.

Maybe I'll just stroll over later this week if it snows and shovel her driveway-sometimes sympathy can be delivered with a shovel.

See ya.

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1/25/2006 11:48 pm

As I was driving down the road today, the radio played a montage of the best love songs over the last 70 years in tribute to a couple in our town who had just celebrated 75 years together. 75 years, 63 years. What a wonderful and precious gift it must be to have found someone to walk beside for such a long time. May your Sylvia give thanks and smile for all of the beautiful memories they must have made, for the chance to know someone so deeply and to find such an enduring love.

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