Good morning.  

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2/1/2006 5:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Good morning.

A good morning should start out with an orgasm! fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck ............fuck! and then a good cup of coffee and some hand-made cinnamon rolls with a light icing. Then, a good long bath with lots of bubbles. So many bubbles that they flow over the sides of the tub like a white volcano or mega orgasm-sorry, already passed the fucking part huh? anyway, while soaking in the tub, a firm but gentle set of hands rubs your neck and shoulders. Damn, this would be nice wouldn't it?

After the mystery masseuse fades away and the bubbles reseed, A nice shower to rinse the bubbles away. A shower with seventeen water jets that stimulate your entire body and rinse even your soul to it's cleanest. A nice clean robe to cover your wet body and then a stroll over to a crackling fire place and let the heat erase the water from your skin, ooohhhhhhhhhhh!

Then you relax in a large, super comfy chair and collect your thoughts before going to .......................oh.................. fuuuuuck,........yup,!

Still wouldn't be a bad way to start out the day even if work sucks.

See ya.

curious082385 32F
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2/2/2006 12:09 am

Most definetely not a bad way to start off a day!
Now if only it would happen.....

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