A touch of evil.  

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11/27/2005 7:13 pm

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A touch of evil.

I am an ancient hunter, the hunter of souls. I am no friend of Satan nor a creation of God. I reign over nothing other than my existence. My being and secrecy my only concerns. I am only briefly witnessed but never long enough to bring about rumor and legend, panic or mayhem. I am the ultimate hunter, the ultimate killer of man and beast. I do not discriminate nor show mercy. My purpose here on earth is survival, my survival. I have no journals or history other than my thoughts. I leave minimal tracks but no victims, no evidence of my existance other than the loss of flesh and souls. Call off the hounds, they annoy me when I'm eating.

What am I you wonder? I have no name. Names are for those who communicate and deal in the world of reason and rules. I am called nothing and I will reason with nothing nor do I follow mankind's governance. I am beyond what mortal man calls evil. I am centuries old and my scarred gray and brown skin shows of many strikes, of many kills. Tonight, My exposure to you will be brief for once you read this tale of my existance, you will be the one who's bedroom window I'll be lurking. Trust me. Are your doors locked? Really, It doesn't matter to me once I arrive.

My tight, leather-like skin is medium gray overlapped in long, tiger-like, slender brown stripes. My fingers, all twelve of them, are long and tipped with two large claws on the forefinger and thumb, the others are equipped with venous suction cups for direct consumption of fluids.....................your fluids. My upper body is not much dissimilar to a large, adult male human except I stand roughly nine-feet tall and carry twice the weight. My face, of course, you were only mildly curious weren't you? My face is rather round in shape with tight skin covering my cheeks and much looser, hanging skin under the chin and around my powerful jaws-the jaws that unhinge to consume large prey. My eyes, yes, they are lifeless orbs of steel gray centered by an always stimulated red pupil. I have two large, fatty deposits that hover slightly above my eyes that quickly fold downward for the absorption of the rare defensive blow that may near my visual senses. My forehead and skull are covered in small spines that let me "feel" your soul and direct my attack in the appropriate direction. My nose you ask? Why would I need one when I can simply find your soul? I am beyond your imagination now and looking at you reading about me............your skin, am I getting under it a little? Oh this mouth of mine, I carry a constant smirkish grin until the moment I grab you behind your neck (thousands of years of success has led to arrogance, I won't ask forgiveness, It only delays your death!) and remove your soul right out of your throat. Then, a grin of satisfaction shows through as my jagged brown teeth and black tongue are exposed.

"Shriiack" "shriiack" will be the sound you hear repeatedly as I glide up the side of your house tonight. The bottoms of my quad-toed feet are padded and sometimes, my retractable claws, they drag on the bricks and siding. "I bet you can't wait for my arrival tonight, huh, little girl? Oh my, the women have such wonderful skin, mmm, no hair and the soft flesh..................mmm, memories of so many. Fighting me tonight only will prolong your pain, patients is not a virtue instictive to me, nor any others.

"Tick","tick"...."tick" I will forewarn you with as my claw gently taps your window, my head peering over the sill at you with an ugly smirk. My long, powerful, cat-like legs and scaly barbed tail support my nasty being to the surround of your safe, well, formerly safe dwelling. Not much longer sweetheart and you can ride in the engorged belly of the ugly, evil beast-forever. Is it quiet where your reading this? It soon will be...........................sweetheart.

And let me not forget about your eternal chariot................your ride to nowhere.

The skin covering my upper torso is much thicker and far more flexible than my other extremities. Large victims, anything larger than a dog, must be regurgitated later, I'm not a glutton. Did you think my prey was devoured on site? Silly, I take it with me to the darkness of the dead, a place beyond Purgatory but nowhere near Hell. Simple minded fools.

My wings span out twelve feet in either direction with three arms and knuckles to create a quarter circle wing on each side of my gangly body. When not in use, they retract behind a sheath of heavy flesh that keeps them warm and tucked until my newest, soul-less cadaver falls at my feet-silent.

For the few of you that are left to rest, well, sleep that is. Would you care to hear of my beginning? If not, I'll eat you second, only to the young lady typing my words here tonight. Oh the look on her face is so frightend, so innocent, so ...................umph........dead.

I told you guys I could write bad stuff too. See ya.

curious082385 32F
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11/28/2005 1:50 am

Incredible writing...you make it real. *shiver and grin*
I would love to hear the rest of it.

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11/28/2005 11:22 am

I would love to read more.. was very good.. T


rm_Blue_Leopard 44F

1/17/2006 3:06 am

You showed your true nature here...

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