Where are all the willing females?  

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1/25/2006 9:11 pm

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Where are all the willing females?

I decided to write this in response to questions posted in Capital Sex Group and some that come up while talking to other couples.
I'm hoping that guests to this blog will offer their points of view and/or updates. Please remember that this is a recount of personal experiences and it might not reflect the experiences of others. Here it goes:

Where are all the willing females?

In our roughly 7 years on the web under different nicknames in 2 different cities, both as a couple and a single female, as gold, silver and standard members we have actually found one - yes, one - are you surprised?
Now, sure there have been hundreds of winks, e-mails, chat and network invites. Picture swapping seemed to be the most often practiced sport and a face picture brought requests for a body picture, action picture... you all get the picture. We still chuckle at people who shout at us IN BIG BOLD PRINT that we'll never meet anyone unless we are willing to swap pictures. Honey, just ask the other 100 people who got them in their e-mail all these years ago for a copy. We looked better in those ones anyway
Chatting while entertaining got old quick too as we're not much into talking about sex when we could be doing it and just talking about nothing in particular works better when it's done face to face anyway.
Finally we got lucky. A slim to average 33 year old, single, bi-curious female understood our point about a meeting and the date was set up. Of course cornering such game is a tricky business so I was immediately told that this will be a girl/girl meeting only as I am bound to say something exceedingly stupid and scare the elusive beauty away. Since I was running the risk of not getting any for a month for making the wrong face, gesture or comment at that very instance, I slowly retreated without braking eye contact and tried to look cheerful for the rest of the day. You can imagine the building anticipation as the date drew closer ‒ finally a confirmation. I was dancing with joy, she was having the heebie-jeebies. Since obviously by that time we no longer did pictures, my wife went trough a 6 hour "I have nothing to wear we've got to go shopping now...right now...I mean it..." stage and finally sent the other an e-mail about the clothes she will be wearing so they could recognise one another. They also agreed to check their e-mail one hour before the meeting in case the unexpected happened and one of them had to call it off. One hour to H hour, e-mail was checked, confirmation sent and received with a small surprise in the form of "Oh, I just looked at my profile again and I have no idea why does it say that I’m 33 years old when it should say 42. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding" While the age difference did not faze us that much, the fact that it changed an hour before the meeting was rather puzzling. Still instead of worrying about this, my wife declared it a go and off she went.

I think that I could write a pretty damn good script for porn movie based on the imagery that went trough my mind during those two or three hours.

It did turn out to be my fault in the end ‒ I do not exactly recall the reasoning for it, but I’m sure it was undeniable. As it turned out 42 years of age might have been slightly optimistic as was the "average" body shape and while the conversation was OK (I can not imagine 2 ladies not having anything to talk about) the conclusion was that there was no attraction of "that" type.

Of course later we had found ways to act out all of our fantasies but that story will follow.


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