one hell of a taxi ride  

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3/3/2006 4:51 am

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one hell of a taxi ride

Driving home today reminded me of my scariest taxi ride ever. I’ve worked in a lot of countries and ridden in a lot of taxis in my time. Anyway onto the story, a couple of years ago traveling from a party in Glebe to a party in Surry Hills, busy talking to my mates in the taxi I realise we’re on the harbour bridge (In Sydney the Harbour bridge is a 8 line open bridge). We’ve had a few beers and I happen to mention to the taxi driver that perhaps he’s going the wrong way as Surry Hills is on the other side of the bridge. I think my exact words were:

“Where the fuck do you think your going?”

Anyway the taxi driver obviously annoyed at us and having no idea how to drive or where anything is in Sydney STOPPED on the bridge and did a U-turn into oncoming traffic through 4 lanes of traffic. Needless to say we bailed out of the taxi as soon as we could and tried to catch another one.

I’ve been barreling down the small back streets of Tokyo with oncoming trucks, in the back of a taxi where the driver insisted on STOPPING the car to change lanes (I kid you not). But nothing compared to the U-turn on the Harbour bridge.

Beat that

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