What's a guy to do?  

4urpleasurenATX 46M
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7/4/2006 10:28 am
What's a guy to do?

Okay, so I get a phone call from out of the past...old high school classmates who I haven't seen in years and they want to get together for lunch. I don't really have a strong desire to see people who haven't been part of my life in twenty years. Is that so wrong to think that what would be the point? I don't really want to compare cards to see where we all are in life. Knowing myself as I do....I'll give in and decide to have lunch and reminensce about days gone by. I'm sure they will want to show me pictures of their family. I'm single with no kids, so that will be a short conversation for me. Of course, one of them has been married three times and another is divorced. Now, a really keen idea would be instead of having lunch...why not have a 3sum? It would be much more fun to have a reunion of sorts for all the sex we didn't have in high school and make up for it twenty years later. Experience would make all that waiting much more worth it....don't you think?

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