Not that there's anything wrong with that  

4urpleasurenATX 46M
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7/10/2006 11:49 am
Not that there's anything wrong with that

I've seen to have received a lot of email and chats online with gay guys, even though I specifically indicate that I'm not bi or gay. I don't have anything wrong with the lifestyle other than its not for me. When a gay guy tells don't know what you're instant thought is that -- what is there to be missing if its not a preference? I'm not a top or a bottom -- or even a sideways. I love women. I love pussy. I love to pleasure a woman. Though I have played with couples....its only been in the pleasure of his wife/girlfriend.

Although, there are some cool gay dudes I've chatted long as they understand...its just chat.

Of course, my friend who wants to move to NYC is up there all week and I'm sure she is freaking out right now that a four story building blew up not too far from her location. Reports think that it was a gas line, but she is on the thirty-something floor of a hotel and I'm sure she saw the smoke billowing from her window. She told me that the cost is really high and she might actually go with me to visit LA as a precursor to my own thought of moving. If she does, then I'm going to make the trip definitely something of interest to her going with me to LA, instead of her insane idea of going to NYC. She said it stunk really bad and was not sure if she could learn to love the stinch. She's not loaded, so she won't be able to afford Trump lifestyle by any means.

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