Butt spanking on the 4th of July  

4urpleasurenATX 46M
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7/4/2006 7:32 am
Butt spanking on the 4th of July

My lady friend is a pro domme and is really frustrated with things right now. She said she might need to strap someone up on her big Cross, which is the shape of an X and spank his ass really good...butt nekked. I don't think I'm the guy for that duty. I was stupid enough to volunteer at a party once and she and a girlfriend tore my ass a new one....I couldn't sit down for a couple days. A little red can be enticing, but a red ass for three days is not what I call fun. I'd much rather tie her up to the Cross and eat her pussy out beyond the point that she can stand and then fuck her until she just nearly passes out. Once you're strapped to that thing....you cannot get loose.

On another note, I have this 24 year old lady friend who is really hot, but she has some definite issues about her looks. She definitely is gorgeous, but she seems to want to change her look every time someone makes a comment to her. She has some 30-something telling her things and she is eating it up. I know where she's going with it, but I think that once again she is allowing someone to draw her in only to leave her disappointed. I try to be her friend and give her perspective and she will tell me..."I very much respect you and appreciate our friendship." Hmmmm....do I take that word respect as I'm never going to be eating her pussy??

And speaking of eating pussy, what girl doesn't like that?? I was at a party not too long ago and a group of ladies were over in a corner talking about their sex lives. One of them was telling the others about how much she missed having her hubby eat her pussy and they all said they hadn't had that done in forever. I felt like lining them up and going one at a time on a clit lingus makeover. Is pussy eating overrated? What do you think?

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