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7/5/2006 12:14 pm

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7/6/2006 6:18 am

AFF Chat room

So, I joined AdultFriendFinder a short while back and have talked to a few people online, but wonder whether people are on here to truly just talk or actually meet up and have some good ol' fun. I had joined a couples group, but being that I'm not a couple at the moment or have a playmate, then those couples sites are just damn mean to single guys. Of course, I can totally understand why, because when I was a couple I didn't really want a bunch of single guys horning themselves all over my girlfriend (ex).

I took a shot in the dark with AdultFriendFinder, because it boasts to be a location to 'hook up.' At this point, I've done all the little things they want you to do as a member with video message, verbal message, a blog, photos, Gold Membership, points....and what more can a mofo do to see some come back on it?

I also don't know why people have a webcam if they never plan to turn it on at some point. I had a really good time over the weekend with a webcam/microphone chat with some folks. Of course, they only responded by typing, but at least I was able to be "hands-free."

AdultFriendFinder is fun. I'm going to give it a shot now that I've got the set up of all the stuff. I might get fortunate and meet some really cool like-minded folks in the coming days ahead.

I do know that its real, though, because in my first week of being a member.....a lady out of San Marcos contacted me online and asked me to come to her apartment at 3 a.m. and eat her pussy till she couldn't take anymore. I obliged her and she must have screamed for 1.25 hours. My jaw was really tired, but she left me like a doughnut dropped into the glaze bucket.....very tasty indeed.

69baby75 45F

7/5/2006 1:25 pm

hi there well it is a good thing that you are liking this site. i have been on it for like 2 years and i have enjoyed every bit of. there are those that you just have to see over and over again and then you have those that you do once and then say, " hey it was a one time thing, sorry" but all in all it is a great site. hope you still have more good ones. take care L E

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