god of the rain  

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6/14/2005 5:44 pm

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god of the rain

and on that faithful day there was but 2 drops of rain that ran away
so HONESTY and TRUST were given a name, never to be gotten by all the other rain drops, or drops of the rain

intel another faithful day two more rain drops were droped DETERMENED and SANE. these two rain drops were droped so that they may find HONESTY and TRUST of the rain.

and on this faithful day not a drop, but two drops two drops of the rain. these two drops were LOVING and GAIN. for drops to find with only LOVING, could not with out GAIN.

first two drops DETERMENED and SANE were found by LOVING and GAIN. together with the strength of two days twice the rain, still one day 2 drops of the rain HONESTY and TRUST found LOVING a GAIN.

who would of guessed LOVING and GAIN once 2-6 from 3 days of rain, i shur knew said GOD of the rain.

"for on those faithful days i pored not one but two drops to get together by LOVING and GAIN, once was 2 DETERMENED n SANE 4 never to find 2 drops of the same. for not one drop could see all of the rain.

but on this one faithful day now that i've shown you 2-6 of the rain, i drop not 2, but one the "7th", 7th drop from four days of rain.

for with out DETERMENED n SANE HONESTLY eye TRUST i couln't give LOVING a GAIN without understanding "U", as i recived the 7th drop of rain.

now you see not all drops are filled with the same but without the 2being6 of being with out you;
"I" wouldn't fully apprichate (7th,YOU) and a day without "RAIN"


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