Friends ?  

4u281 65M
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5/26/2006 1:09 am
Friends ?

I must be one of the biggest fools in chozin the people I call friends Now don't get me wrong I know here at AdultFriendFinder's " friends Network " there is a wide range of levels in what considered " FRiend " there are the " i just want more " friend to " I think we have liftoff " and " I could use more friends like that " and so many in between . Over the years including my 4 here under a couple different handles I have or so I thought become a fare judge of peoples intent in calling you friend but as of late I think I'm slippin , now the people I thought might be a closer variety won't answer a page to say no t y , oh yes there are a lot of people that way but you usually know who they are . My question is Are you finding yourself fooled more

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