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And I'm Back...!

Firstly, sorry about the break. Didn't plan for it to be so long ...but, there it is.

I think it was (William) Blake who said, "If the windows of perception were cleaned, everything would appear, exactly, as it is." I think about this when buzzed or ...stoned (as some of you might say). If the windows of perception were cleaned. And, everthing would appear exactly as it is. Soooo, profound a notion. Makes me wonder. Again, when stoned!

What could he mean? What is he saying? Is he suggesting that this temporal metaphysical state of being, is it? This is it? Oh, God I hope not! Geesh, what a scary idea. Man, can you imagine that this is all there is? Like, nothing is but what we see, feel and/or taste. {narly}{peace}{sigh}
I'm kinda, stoned if you couldn't tell. Feeling pensive yet relaxed. Paranoid, yet at the same time peaceful. You know stoned!

Anyway, back to the Blake conundrum.

I figure that the answer to whether or not this state of being is random or patterned is irrelevant. Because, if something happens once and never is to be repeated... does it have any meaning? The answer is no. Ergo, the individual life and any perceptions derived from it are... meaningless. Sorta like Milan Kundera's, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" but... on "E!" You know the Lightness and Weight stuff, but, but more abstract.ENOUGH ABOUT THAT!

But really folks very few of us actually care about such things. We, are so obsessed with our little lives of lies. Pretending to be what we are not. For the sake of others. Whom by the way are pretending to be what they are not.
All the while knowing that this is it. We got no second chances. This is my FUCKING LIFE!
{Inside Voice} So, why is it that every freak in a hundred miles radius has to try and fuck with me? Why? I can tell you some stories! But, I never kiss and tell! That would be crude. But, I can give you an outline (just because I really like you). Just from the people, I've actually met, from this site.
What a Motley Crue of asses!?! Most, not all. One was really nice. {smile} But he was on, a different stage of developement, shall I say. But, the others! Okay ,okay, the first one, sends tons of e-mails, nice profile/pic, all the good stuff. We start messenging, then talking on the phone and stuff. (All the time I'm thinking I'm yakkin' to the stud in the handle!) Then we arrange to meet. So, I get all primed up. (You know how it is) I'm ready! I get to the hotel bar, looking along it's long, shiny deep, redwood length. Looking for the...Guy!
I see no one. My heart drops! I'm thinkin', "I bin stood up!"
Then someone approaches. My mind races between "who could this be?" and "No, FUCKING WAY!" (and not in the good sense) I was mortified! You got it. I was scammed! My very first time too. This was the guy. But, this wasn't the Guy! Moral delimna! What do I do? I had established a relationship with this person ,but, I thought this person was somebody else. (Kinda like a metaphor for my life) But,really could you just walk out of there (which was my knee jerk reaction)? Flashes of Cyrano Debergerac, but, more twisted like. Anyway, I stayed. I mean he was nice, just not my type. He also had a dark side I didn't like as well. And there was the character issue. What does it say of the individual who would perpetrate a fraud designed only to reveal itself? Wrong pic...REMEMBER!?!

So, that was my first experience from meeting people from this site. Not cool. So, I tried again. I figured I wouldn't let one bad experience put me off. {narly}{peace}{sigh}
The next guy was smooth.. nice pic. A little bit street ,but, I figure what the hell? We arrange to meet. I get there, a cozy little out of the way. Very near the gates to the Dockyard [HINT]. I wait. I wait. I wait. Yes, for the second hook up from this site I really did get stood up. I'm battin' bad boys and it's the bottom of the ninth. Do I give up? Noooo! I go to meet another one. Will I ever learn? You'll soon find out, tomorrow! When I'll tell you all about the straight guys I've met from this site...Yummy! P.S. Spell Check isn't working again...sorry.

O.k! I'm back! As promised I will tell about a few of the 'straight dates' I have had from this site. So, here goes. The third guy and the forth guy were dates set up on a Friday and Saturday of the same weekend. It just worked out that way. The first guy sent me a 'Wink' way back in November when I first joined AdultFriendFinder. I liked the profile except for one thing. He was straight. I thought (honestly) he'd made a mistake in 'Winking' at me. I said so in my reply. But the e-mails kept coming and then he disappeared. Literally, disappeared off the site. He was gone for months. I kept an eye out hoping he would return. Then in April he was back. Using a slightly different handle but it was him. We connected again. We set a meeting time. We met. He was nice so I thought. But as a straight guy I figured there would be certain things he just wouldn't do... like give head. (Past experience has taught me that straights have little problems with getting head. But giving not so much. In anycase, he had no problem with sucking cock. In fact I could have fucked him I'm sure but we were in a parking lot at a public beach. I really liked his body too. I mean butch, tough, strong and hairy. (I have a thing for body hair)
Not Calvin Klein material but real. Just like I like. (Opps, I'm being called away...I'm at work) .....Back home now and starting again. So, where was I? Oh yes, the third date, the straight guy. He sucks good cock and I shove his head on my cock so that he's gagging on it. I mean you could hear his throat make slurping choking noises. I shoved his razor stubbled face down on my dick as hard as I can. I looked down at this tough guy! My member is in his head and his eyes watering. I stayed really hard thrusting into his rugged face and running my fingers through his short hair. I go for his ass eating his hole and sucking on his balls. What a sight to see this man's man in a front car seat with his legs raised in a eat me fuck my hole position. His ass tastes good too. Then I go down on him. I swallowed him whole making him moan. I do this until he cums. He cums in my mouth and I swallow his hot jizz not missing a drop. Mmm, straight boy cum...sooo tasty. I didn't cum ,but, we are in a parking lot at a popular Warwick Beach. He sorts himself out and small talk is made. He mentions something about meeting a 'next time'. I figure this was a good sign. I mean, I thought these things were meant to be one time events.

He gets out of my car to get in his.I figure I'd wait a few days before contacting him with the obligatory 'thanks, for a good time!' e-mail or call. I think all is good and I am looking forward to Saturday night when I'm to meet straight guy number 2 (fourth guy hook up). I think of the site of this butch man swallowing and choking on my cock. I remember his smell, his taste, his hardness. Gotta say he gave good head. I wonder what life must be like for this guy. Nobody having a clue to his predeliction for penis. Nobody knowing he has a deep desire to be fucked hard in his tight hairy man pussy. I bet he has had more than a few girl friends who never had a clue. Maybe even has one now. And here is her tough guy boyfriend in a strangers car at night sucking black cock! God, I love the irony of it all. Kinda makes me smile. I don't make the rules! (Dudes, I gotta get ready for work, but I'll update later. I know this is getting long and I haven't gotten to the fourth guy.) Tell me if you want me to write more. I'll add it as another entry. This one is way long. I got lots to tell about the fourth guy and how these dates turned out in the long run. Till then caio!

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Hi I can empathize with this as I can't stand the fraud that goes on driven by the gay world of u have to look like this & u cant be like this ETC. Does it really matter that some people are over wieght & some people are fitted with implants to enhance thier bodies, what should be important is do you click with this person are they on your level, so I say COME ON PLACE HONESTY IN THE EQUATION.
Live, Love & Laugh

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6/29/2006 7:23 pm

Well, thank you drupforit! This one (blog entry) seems to have hit a nerve judging from the e-mails received so far. Thanks for reading the posts. I really appreciate it. There are a few good men and women left. We must stand up and let ourselves be known, otherwise the 'jerks' of the planet will have their way Forever! I like your saying as well..."Live, Love & Laugh!" Jolly good one mate!


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tonsils04 48M

12/8/2006 8:13 am

4Saken I just started to read your blogs and they are very interesting .. But your right I have more hits from Straight ?? guys hitting me up here and also when I go out .. that Bermuda Gay population must be 1 out off every 4 men .. Men R men and when they are horny any mouth or ass will do .. I have always said .. when a man is horny he doesn't care how he gets his ROCKS OFF .. I go out at least once or twice a month and trust me whether you go Spinning Wheel, The Boat Club, Dandy Town, Docksiders, Squire One or what I see now the most promising place Cafe Cairo you can pick up someone or get picked up .. The pickings are there to be taken and it's very good ... Especially the footballers

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