Silver Linings  

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5/22/2006 6:36 pm

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Silver Linings


Thanks for taking the time to read my BLOG! This entry pertains like most others to the antics of the past weekend. For those of you who have been following these updates, Friday night was meant to be another first time hook up from no other than the AdultFriendFinder site. The hookup was meant to be around 10 p.m. Friday. The date was set, I was ready. You know how it goes...the anxiety, the butterflies...the mystery as to what the guy will really be like...(all that stuff!) going on strong! I'm really looking forward to meeting (Wink! Wink!) this guy!

What happens then? I get swamped at work! F*@king Shit! And I gotta job you just can't walk away from. So, I'm stuck. I contact the guy and let him know that I'll be very late. He says he has an early call. Our date is over before it's started. I'm thinking that he's thinking I'm blowing him off. We plan to meet on Saturday night instead at a really nice South Shore hotel bar. I leave town frustrated and bemused. (Do you like that? Bemused. I know and I'm a stoner! LOL!)

Saturday I'm all pins and needles. I feel like a character from a Jane Austin novel. (ref. Jane Austin; 18 century novelist, credits include: Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility...) The day ends. I prepare. We meet. Nice. A really nice guy. Kinda young but a good head (no pun!). We hit off really well. We actually have a conversation! As opposed to the "hi, are you the top or bottom?" sort of experiences I've had of late. I met a person with some balance, FINALLY!!! It was so cool we've contacted each other as recently as just a few minutes ago. Oh yeah, I have the answer to the question I posted in an early Blog. The question was, "what is the acceptable length of time one should wait before contacting a first date after the date? It's two days! Two days is acceptable before contacting with the required "thanks for a good time" sort of response.
Friday a dark cloud, Saturday a silver lining! Just like that. Now it's Sunday. I'm at the Deep. An intensity was in the air! The DJ hopping! A crowd of mega proportions! And to top it off, A DRAG SHOW!! Yes, I kid you not, two female impersonators put on a great show! Can you believe it? Original, bold, inspired! I felt for a minute I was in Montreal, Prague, or London! ! I felt that way until a guy in a polo shirt and dockers bumped into me. Still in Bermuda..,oh well. (Sigh) A great end to a very good weekend all round. The Deep has definitely set the standard for Sunday night entertainment. No cover, No dress code, Happy Hour prices, and now innovative and alternative (for Bermuda) entertainment. The place to be for those in the know. And there some cute boys too!

Monday's are Monday's.A nw week with new opportunities and adventures. Who will I meet? What will he be like? Will I find the man of my dreams? You know the normal self obsessed stuff like that. Come on,you gotta figure someone who writes a BLOG and has profile pics like mine is gonna be a little ego maniacal...( whisper) but in a good way. LOL! That's all for now. And remember,"what you think is what you are". That's all from me,and thanks for all the comments winks, e-mails and friendship invites. I wish I could meat (oops!)meet all of you. Really. Forever...4saken2, over and out. Pic updates soon.

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