Short Yet Sweet  

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5/11/2006 7:14 pm

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5/13/2006 11:36 am

Short Yet Sweet

I got the computer fixed! Thank God! I got everything I wanted ...finally. The car, the computer...all fixed! had a great work out today. Went running for an hour. In a short time I'll be there (in the shape I want for the summer.) Nearly there! The weekend is here and no dates lined up. What is up with that. Geesh, I guess I'll do the old reliable. Go to town and get wasted...but, I've cut back on the booze. Hmmm, I know I'll get stoned...nope can't do that either. I'll, I'll, I'll...find something to do. Bermuda is so lame when it comes to novelty. I need to get away for a dirty weekend. I do so much better off island than on. More selection and lots of anonymity.

Anyways, all's well on the home front. Oh yeah, I finally got up the nerve to say something to the hot guy at the gym. I got his name and gave him my cell number. I dunno though. I never know. We'll see and I'll let you know I promise. Gotta go to bed. Kinda beat and tomorrow is FRIDAY NIGHT!!!! HOORAY!!!! Let's see what mischief I can get up to this weekend.

Talk to you soon. Ciao!

rm_feethigh 53M
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5/13/2006 9:38 am

looking forward to hearing from you and also meeting you soon.

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