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What is the appropriate amount of time between meeting up with people from AdultFriendFinder and contacting them again. I mean one wouldn't want come off as needy...but, at the same time, not so non-chalant that it seems as if one is being disrespectful or not interested? This situation surely has been met by more than one of you. Let me know what is the acceptable lenght of time.

I feel a bit like Carrie from 'the Sex in the City' series . Oh, to be so sought after. (Kidding!) I'd really like to know what you think. Let me know. And thanks for reading my blog.

On other home system has crashed (and me an internet junkie) I've been forced to resort to Internet Cafe's. This one is really cool (it's the Logic location on Burnaby Hill). Not much in the way of eye candy but the facilities are nice enough.

Going to the Harbour Night's tonight in town. First one for me this year. Should be fun. Can't go ape an early call tomorrow. In anycase, I'll be in touch the best I can. Met some cool people this weekend.

11:30 p.m. (at a friends house) Wouldn't it be my luck. It rained. I still went though. Just hung out at the Pickled Onion is all. Not what I had intended but I made the most of it. The vibe was good actually. I really like the place. The bartenders are really cool. My computer is in the shop hopefully being fixed as we speak. I hope it wasn't the hard drive. All my porn lost (Noooooooooo!).

I've garnered a lotta interest in the blog. Kinda nice. I've started a diary as well. I gotta learn to relax. I mean I'm so high strung. That's a reason I don't do relationships. I have gotten a lot better though. Atleast I'm meeting people now. Usually one date and I loose all interest. Now, I'm actually hoping to meet again. He had a body, yes. But it was more than that he is good for me at the stage I'm at right now.

Geesh, I have given up drinking (heavily) and slowed down on the pot (a bit), and am trying not to masturbate nearly as much (since Sunday), and slowed down on the porn (since yesterday[my computer has crashed]). What will I do? I have no vices! Aaargh! I hope the gym thing works! I like it a lot. I think the results are showing as well. Ok, ok...there's this guy who works out there. I like his style. Buzz cut and muscles. The strong silent type! I think he's been checking me out. Could be my imagination but who knows? Anyways, I'm gonna put some new pics up soon. Hope you like them. I gotta go now and update my profile. I'm getting close to knowing what I want for the first time in my life. Thanks for reading this stuff. Bye, till tomorrow. Oh yeah, "POST COMMENTS!", I really want to know your opinions.

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