May 3rd.  

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5/3/2006 7:18 pm

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May 3rd.


Got stood up tonight. Not a complete waste of time though, ran into an old high school buddy, it was cool to catch up. I got some excuse from the guy who stood me up. But, like I said in the profile , no promises, no excuses. So it was sort of like... Bye! Bye!

I mean... there are a trillion people on the planet and I'm meant to put up with someone 'elses' bullshit! I think not!!! I'm me! Not like an egomaniac or anything but I am me.

So, I got the gym day tomorrow which should be fun! (Wink) And I got the final plans for a new project I'm working on finalised. Sorta pumped cause sa that. And I still got a few cool potentials in the wings. I have not done this before...meeting locals from this site. To be honest it hasn't been that great so far. I'll give the last a try then go back to foreigners.

Atleast, they seem to have Balls! The people here are so weak! It's kinda pathetic really. Luckily, the place is only twenty miles and not the world. Then I'd really be FUCKED! Ho well! Sometimes I feel like I'm the last of the good guys. The last of those who say what they mean, mean what they say, and do what they say. I hope that isn't the case, but it feels that way sometimes.

If you have read my blog this far, thanks...I guess. Don't leave with the impression I'm pissed off or anything. I just am HONEST. A trait lost amongst the masses. Swine! LOL! Talk to you soon. Now, I gotta get a hard on for a guy who wants pictures of my cock HARD!

This will be clever cause I've had three glasses of wine. Two's my limit normally. (Just recently) Dudes and gals, talk to you soon. You know I'm start to like this 'Blog' stuff. Who ever finds it

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