9 Months later. Mango tree  

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12/4/2005 4:29 pm

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9 Months later. Mango tree

We were married in one month. We had tried to get an abortion. She did not want me to go into the doctors office with her. Her name by the way was Charissa. I waited in the parking lot, thinking about life and what we were doing. Suddenly I was startled, a knock on the window. It was Charissa, sobbing. In my nativity I asked if it was done. It had only been maybe five minuets. She said that the police were there and had arrested the doctor. It was illegal, not like now. She said a woman had gotten an abortion last night and freaked out when she saw the blood and went to the police station and reported him.
It was too late to find another doctor willing to do the abortion. I should have known by now that I was not the father. All she wanted to do was get rid of the baby inside her. I asked her to marry me. I had never fallen out of love with her. I was excited about being a father. I think it was more about keeping her attached to me and a way to keep my love for her alive. Finally she accepted the proposal and a wedding date was set, by the Priest. I was to report for duty by February 20 and it was already February 5. The church was only available between those two dates for one day, February 13, a Friday. We took it. Plans and parents were rushed. My father pulled me aside at the rehearsal and asked me how I knew that the baby that was coming was mine. To think twice before going through with the marriage. I was in love and shrugged it off. I was pissed at him anyway for leaving my mother and leaving me in charge of my little sister.
The wedding was quick. All my stoned friends in the pewees. Her side of the family hated me. They were ignorant. I am a Spaniard, not a Mexican and they did not know the difference. They never did understand. At least I was giving there grand baby a name. A quick two day honeymoon in Santa Monica overlooking the ocean and then report to Selective Service in downtown Los Angeles.

I woke up to a Sargent yelling at the top of his lungs to get our fucking lazy asses up and form up downstairs in 1 minute or all hell would break loose. I just laid there, staring up at the ceiling, head spinning. How did all this happen. I am married, in the military, going to Vietnam. Is this a dream.

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