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Tenderness Love

Are you in search of what I call "Tenderness Love?"

For a moment, try and imagine the bliss of two lovers, faces up close, looking tenderly into each other's eyes. They are aware of a feeling of melting. Recall the dizzying, "delicious" feelings of the deep endearment that is experienced in a Real "I love you" moment. That, to me, is Tenderness Love.

Of course, the words "I love you" are often spoken in the absence of these delicious sensations. Whereas, with tenderness love, you can't fake, and it is totally spontaneous. It just happens, a sudden awareness! It isn't there just because one says so. It can't be made to happen. It can only "appear."

You can't get yourself to "do" it. It can't be forced, or manipulated, or bought. It can't be bartered, or gotten by mutual trade! ("I'll love you if you love me.") It isn't subject to any command and any attempt to grasp onto it, in any way, only makes it start disappearing. Personal sacrifice can help it along.

Yet when it comes, it is by complete surprise. It just happens. And it can only happen in conditions of absolute freedom that is known as unconditional love. The more freedom you give it when you have it, the more it keeps springing up! Thus, love is always painful--to have it, you have to let it be. And that can really hurt at times.

Because of these untameable characteristics, love sometimes occurs when it isn't supposed to happen, between people who are highly unlikely to get together, or are ill-disposed to get along very well, and even between people who aren't supposed to be in love. Tenderness love has no boundaries, no standard criteria. It is of our primitive nature. It obeys no rules.
Who is capable of Tenderness Love? People that are warm and caring. Ones that show affection to other people, to animals and plants, and to everything of the earth, water, and sky--they love it all.

Nearly all of us have this beautiful experience of tenderness love at some times in our lives. Although most tenderness love is manifested in romantic and sexual situations, one can also experience this kind of love towards one's children or parents, or other people that one cares very deeply and tenderly for, even towards animals and pets, towards objects, such as one's car, or house, and towards groups or institutions--cases where sexuality is not at all involved, and yet there is a strong feeling of deep endearment. One can love one's school tenderly. One can love one's team tenderly. One can love a cause they care deeply about in this way. Tenderness love can be seen to be manifested in many, many ways that are not romantic in a sexual way.

A person who is highly endowed in the characteristic essential strengths and delicious qualities of the Lover is easily recognized as a very loving person. They care about others and they think people should care more about each other. There is warm fondess in them. They have a heart. They really care about you as a human being, as a person. They care about your happiness. It really matters to them. They care about the company they work for; they support it from the bottom of their heart. They care about the game. These are the one's who play their hearts out.

You can see that they love their own children, and they love your children, too. You can see that they love all people everywhere. They care. Lovers are liberal. They like to share the wealth. They touch people with their hands--a caring caress. The gesture is spontaneous, with strong emotion behind it. They really feel it. And tears can come to their eyes in this deep caring that comes over them. Their throats may be choked up over it. It is very powerful internally--this is the power of Tenderness Love.

When a person falls in love, it takes them over. It is "disarming." It somehow makes a person of ordinary stature into a giant, a hero"--yet a very vulnerable giant, emotionally surprised and disarmed. Their knees may go weak. Their head may spin, even in a momentary situation of "love at first sight," as in passing by each other in the hall, or on the sidewalk. In fact, one can become absolutely disoriented, and stammer, and not know what to do, and walk into things. And then "a light" comes on. It dawns on one what has happened within them.

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Love is an addiction.......

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