Friday, June 7th 2006  

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Friday, June 7th 2006

Today is Friday, and I'm at work fantasizing about my man's big, hard black cock. I love my man, I really do. But you know, sometimes you don't want sex to be so damn emotional and deep, right? I don't know about you all, but sometimes I just wanna be ravaged, damn near , if you will, by my man. But I don't want him to get the wrong idea about that. I don't really yearn for other men, I get the occassional pelvic fires here and there, but I wanna get freaky with my dude. I want him to see me during the day, when I'm in my professional mode, and think back to when we were fucking and he was getting turned out. I want him to know that he got himself a whore at home, and he ain't gonna get any pussy better than mine. And if there's any females out there, reading this, who think they can prove me wrong, then holla at me. Otherwise, I'm on my way to the ladies room, where I'll be finger fucking myself, wishing it was one of you sexy chicks fucking me with a strap-on, while I suck my man off...
Ciao 4 now.

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7/7/2006 12:54 pm

Speaking of forbidden fantasies, read about Shirley's adventure below:

It was a warm summer night and and the windows were open, the curtains flttering in the breeze. The only illumination was from light of the the full moon. Shirley was lying on the bed, wearing only a thin nightgown, trying to go to sleep. Here eyes were closed, and she did not notice the man who had climbed into her room until he stood right next to her bed. Startled, she tried to sit up but his large hand pushed her back down. She saw that he was wearing a mask and held a knife in his hand, which he pointed at her throat. "Quiet!" he hissed,"or I'll have to use this and I'd rather not do that." Shirley trembled and whispered "What do you want?"
"If you don't know, you'll soon find out," he said. He used the knife to cut through the straps of her nightgown. Shirley thought the knife must be very sharp to be able to do that so easily. "Show me you tits!" he ordered, pointing the knife at her again. Shirley's mind was running ahead to what might happen, surely he was going to her. She could not think of anything she coiuld do or offer to change his mind. She lowered her nightgown, baring her breasts. He was not the first man to see her this way, far from it, but up to now it had always been voluntary and she had heartily, even eagerly, cooperated. But now she was being forced, against her will. "Nice rack you have there," he growled, "let's see how they feel." His free hand began mauling her breasts, cupping them and squeezing hard. Then he pinched her nipple, hard enough to make her want to cry, but she did not dare, what with that knife there. At the same time he pulled one nipple out as far as it would go and let it spring back. Then the other one. He continued his rough treatment and, in spite of it all, Shirley felt the electric charges go direct from her nipples to her clitoris. Was it the feeling of being powerless, of being forced to submit to this masked man, that made her pussy secrete its juices? The juices that she usually secreted in antricipation of being penetrated? She did not know, but felt helpless to do anything about it. "Pull it up and show yourself," he commanded. The only thing to pull up was her nightgown and she slowly complied. "Higher," he said and Shirley slowly, hesitatingly, puilled her gown up all the way till it was bunched around her waist. "Nice hairy pussy," he said approvingly and Shirley had to catch herself not to thank him for the compliment. "I want to see it all," he said, "spread them." Shirley again complied, slowly separating her thighs to show him her pussy. "Wider, all the way," he ordered. Shirley felt some delicious shiver going down her spine, to her clit, as she opened her legs widely. She knew that her lips would now have separated and that the pink inside of her pussy was on view. She could not believe that she was displaying her most intimate parts to this complete stranger without any protest. She was filled with fear, but she felt that even without the knife she would have done as he said. He stuck his finger inside her, and up and down her groove, and then licked it off. "Mmmm, nice and wet you are, you must be ready for it." He wet his finger again and offered it to her."Taste." he said and Shirley opened her mouth and somewhat greedily sucked on his finger, tasting her own juices. "You know what I am going to do, don't you?" he asked. "Yes," Shirley answered. "What?" he wanted to know. "You're going to me!" she said. "And I'm going to love every second of it, feeling the walls of your pussy around my cock. I hope you're on the pill, because I'm not going to pull out." Shirley stared at him and mumbled "I am." The man had now released his cock and Shirley became more afraid again. It was big and thick and hard, angry red and purple and he clearly meant to use it on her without mercy. He moved over her and without thinking Shirley automatically spread her legs as wide as she could. "Am I going to need to use this knife?" he asked. Shirley hesitated, but the shook her head. "Good girl," he said and planted the knife in the pillow, next to her head. Still within easy reach, but both his hands were free now to use for support while he fucked her. Without thinking, Shirley raised herself up, the way she would with a regular lover, to meet his penis and make it easy for him to penetrated her. He noticed that and said "I think you want this, you are a slut, aren't you?" Shirley denied that "I am not." He laughed and said "No, you are a lady of virtue, never been fucked by a real man!"
She told him "That's just what you think." Suddenly he thrust his big cock inside her, saying :"What I think is that you are a real slut, asking to be fucked." She felt his meat stretching her tunnel deliciously and she could not help inhaling with a loud hiss. "Oh, so you liked that?" He kept thrusting in and out her, and after a while she picked up on the rythm and started to move in time with him, like she often would when she got fucked from the front. "Good, Iike that." he said, moving his cock in her. "Well, I don't like it, you're a beast! I wish you'd get it over with." she said. "Not for a while yet dearie, your cunt feels to good to stop before I come. Maybe you should try and come too." That was what Shirley was aftraid of. She felt as though she might come soon, but she did not want him to find out. She told herself that she merely trying to get comfortable when she crossed her legs over his back. She also knew that in that way he would be able to reach much deeper into her pussy, make her feel conquered even more when he touched her womb. It got to where she frantically moved against him, feeling her orgasm take over from her free will. Nothing in the world mattered any more, only this fuck, this prick in her cunt, making her come like never before. She cried out loudly, but her covered her mouth with his, kissing her roughly, but stifling her cries. Convulsions went through her, kept rippling thorough her whole being, while he steadily fucked her, fucked her, fucked her. When she thought it would never end, she felt him spasming and deposit his load deep inside her. He kept going for a while, but finally stopped, sated the way she was sated.
He withdrew his cock and asked her, gently now, "Did you enjoy that?" She could not admit that she had and said "Of course not, you are a vulgar beast. What made you think I could possibly enjoy that?" He softly kissed her and said "because I know that at heart you are a real slut, made for fucking and I also know that this was as good as you have had in a long time." She shook her head and said "that is ridiculous." Now he said "nothing ridiculous about it, but if youi persist in that, I'll have to make to atone for it by cleaning my cock. Now, use your tongue!" He had pulled the knife out of the pillow and was threatening her with it. Shirley felt that she had no choice and moved down with her head between his legs and began her task, licking their combined juices from his cock. It was not the first time she had done this, but it was the first time she had been ordered to do it. While she was going about her task, she kept the image in her mind of this cock in her hand having been inside her pussy, pleasuring her while she pretended to be turned off by his brutal attack, And that was what it had been, of course, a brutal attack, rendering her helpless to resist, but able to enjoy all the pleasures without guilt. Even now, she relished what she was doing, licking his totally clean from all the remnants of their mutual lust. She did a much better job than she really had to, continuing long after she should have stopped. Her ministrations had the expected result: his cock, flaccid at first, began to stiffen and rise, until it had again grown into the strong and powerful tool that she had submitted to just a while ago. This also had an effect on her, she knew that her pussy was flowing with wetness again. She thought about asking him to do the same to her, use his tongue to clean her up . . .

What do you think wold have happened afterwards? If you have an idea, let me in on it

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