Hosting A Successful Party  

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7/10/2006 2:50 pm

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Hosting A Successful Party

Hello AdultFriendFinder and 4F_Club members. First off I thank all of you for the support you guys have given my group. Now onto this week's topic.

Hosting A Successful Party

The hardest part of being a host of a party is that you have to maintain professionalism, and ensure that you give your members something that will make them want to come back again. These tie directly into my previous blog for the fact that "word of mouth" is a very powerful tool. If you are a good host, and the mood and tone are set, you are golden.

Always be creative with your parties. The first thing I do is always come up with a theme for the party. If you are in my network, when you view my albums, you will see that the themes are what the party is about. I.E., Masquerade Party, Black Shirt Party, XXXCLUSIVE CLUB PARTY. Your members will enjoy the face of your creativity, and will want more. Keep in mind though; the more erotic the theme, the more time you will have to spend working on it.

Give your members a notice well in advance. I like to go with the rule of 1 month. Typically I start with the invites and the network bulletins one month out. This gives your members time to either one, make plans to attend, travel, or simply time to think about if they want to come. The surprise tactic DOES NOT WORK. This is actually a sign of unprofessionalism and unprepared-ness. Take this for what it's worth, but trust me, when your party ends up being a sausage fest, you will rethink your planning.

Next is your LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. I can't stress this enough on how much this will make or break you. If you don't have the change to do it in something nice, no less than a suite, your next party is almost guaranteed to flop. Not only are people coming out to fuck, but also may be a night out for some single women and couples. They want to enjoy the atmosphere, scenery, and socialize with other people. Create an environment of an upscale club or bar.
None of the parties that the 4F_Club has thrown has been anything less than a lavish suite. Just ask the members who have left the testimonials on my profile.

Lastly, you're not going to like this one, but it's the way it goes. If you are the Host and/or Hostess, you should not play at the party. Your main job at the party is to ensure that the environment is not a pushy one, that everyone is comfortable and to document the party. You have to be aware of those who don't want to be photographed, and ensure that it is not happening. I only allow the 4F_Club camera into the party. This will eliminate the probability of discretion leaking.

But once the party is over, this is your time. I always bring home or invite 2-3 women to stay the night with me. If you have done a good job at hosting, the women/men will want you just as bad as you wanted them during the party. This has been very successful for me in the past, and will continue to be the way that I operate.

I really hope that this subject brings some light to your next party. Stay in touch, as I will be posting a blog next Monday on the success of my party in Philly on the 15th. I hope to hear your comments.........AL

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7/31/2006 4:41 pm

Best advice yet. I just recently bought a big 5 bedroom home in oceanside, ca, and have tried unsuccesfully to throw a party or two. I've set up my game room with a pool table, dart board, poker table and always stocked bar. We have a jacuzzi a brand new Sybian with all the attachments, and plenty spare rooms. I guess my problem was the late planning. Per your advice, I will plan well ahead and try my hardest not to play. Any more great advice would be helpful, and I'll continue to check your blogs. Thanks.

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