Your Cat Box, and NAFTA  

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7/7/2006 11:26 pm

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Your Cat Box, and NAFTA

I am totally down for free trade.

One of the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is that certain classes of consumer goods must have packaging that reflects the three predominant languages in North America: English, Spanish and French. This is so that goods can be easily sold anywhere within the economic zone without repackaging... So your Hoover Vacuum that you see in a store in Fayetteville could be sent to Monterey, Mexico or Montreal, Quebec, and the consumer could read the packaging and instructions.

A side benefit of this is the ability to get a language lesson by comparing equivalent sentences in the different languages, and thus gain some knowledge of what a particular item is called in French or Spanish.

Yet another side benefit is uncontrolled laughter. Being the gadget person that I am, I was all for getting one of those self-cleaning cat boxes, where there is a motorized rake the scoops the litter after the kitty has defiled it. While the device isn't perfect, you have a good idea about your cat's urinary and digestive tract health, because you hear the motor whirring at 3 AM.

If you are unfamiliar with the device, it has disposable containers where the turds are stored, and ostensibly, all you do is toss the container, refill with litter, and your cat's lair is as fresh as a daisy.

Yesterday, we were out of containers, and it was an escalating emergency that we get some. So I went to the store, and there on the shelf were a half dozen boxes of disposable waste containters. As you can imagine, people in Mexico and Canada are also fond of these devices, and so they have NAFTA-compliant packaging.

As I am walking to the checkout counter, I look at the box. The English says "Waste Container". As a matter of habit, I looked at the other languages, too, and the French translation of this phrase is "Poubelles".

I laughed... very hard. Talk about a word that sounds like what it is!

citigeek 63M  
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7/8/2006 12:23 am

Does that cat box really work? Presumably you're using clumping litter, so what happens with clumps that stick, or worse, break? I've never liked the rakes and slotted spoons you get at pet stores either. They're usually plastic, which is hopeless with sticking clumps, and straining through the box all too often leaves "crumbs" behind. I use Anitra Frazier's method (in her book, The New Natural Cat) with excellent results.

But a cat box that really worked would interest me.

49AK replies on 7/8/2006 1:47 am:
I am not sure, I have people that take care of that.

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