The Airport, Flying, and Sex, Part Two  

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4/6/2006 7:01 pm

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The Airport, Flying, and Sex, Part Two

I was just a kid, and it infected me as if it were a virus. Once I had it, I was doomed to carry it with me all of my life.

"I'm Debra. Fly me!"

If I hadn't already discovered it, I knew it now; flight attendants are hot. Back then, they were 'stewardesses' but of course, we can't really call them that anymore, since they are as likely as not to be male. While 'steward' would work just fine, it conjures images of a cruise ship more than an airliner. Not to mention that to use gender-specific terms for people, to make a distinction between male and female anythings that aren't qualitatively different, really isn't in vogue anymore. After all, how many services can you think of where the sex of the service provider actually makes a difference in the quality of the service? Only one comes to mind, and it isn't about seat backs and tray tables.

There's a certain mystique about female flight attendants that goes beyond just women as sex objects, as they were so often portrayed (and still are, thanks to Britney Spears). These are women that sleep in a different bed every night, travel very light, meet a lot of people, some nice, some creepy, etc..

Last winter I had a business trip to Chicago, where I spent four nights at one of the hotels around the airport. Flight attendants were in and out of there constantly, and my mind just raced with the possibilities. I was certainly bored sitting there in that hotel every night, and I am sure they were, too.

There are certain fantasies that one has that you can be reasonably sure will simply go down as the book as nothing but a fantasy. Flight attendants are probably one of them... But it's fun to think about...

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