Living a Double Life  

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Living a Double Life

If you're twelve years old, your school teacher's private life is both secret, and the object of considerable speculation, if not occasional discussion. The problem with a twelve year old is that he is not equipped to speculate adequately about her life, and she isn't leading on enough about it for you to make an educated guess.

I must admit I am fascinated with teachers. While I suppose that in the entire population of men in western cultures, the fascination with a female school teacher is nothing new. However, for me it is not about being fascinated from the standpoint of being a student, but from being an observer of the duality between professional and private lives.

I am fortunate that I am self-employed, and so I don't have a boss that might be looking over my shoulder or wading through my web page history looking for pornographic sites. If I want to blow my day away on AdultFriendFinder, the only one I have to answer to is me, and I can do it from my work computer if I like. However, a teacher is at the exact opposite extreme from me. Not only can she not go visiting AdultFriendFinder during work, the mere suggestion of anything related to it, or something similar must remain totally hidden from view during her professional hours. The reasons for this are both good and practical; parents don't want their children exposed to "morally questionable" material (I am applying a community standard here, and not my own) while in school, and also, children are so impressionable and sensitive that even things that are well-hidden can become obvious to them. I remember being in junior high school and speculating about whether a popular English teacher smoked pot, based on just a few veiled references that the teacher made to another teacher. I would bet we were right, and she did smoke pot. All of our speculation was based on just an obfuscated reference that a classmate overheard. We also speculated whether our long-haired teacher, Mr. S (who drove a '61 Porche), was having an affair with petite Ms. K, based on furtive looks as they passed in the hallway.

So in this respect, life as a teacher is a bit like being a secret agent. A teacher must jealously guard her privacy, and essentially live a double life, lest it become the the subject of rampant speculation, both warranted and unwarranted.

Well, here I am as a middle-aged man, still fascinated by what teachers do in their off hours. I think the answer is, nothing different than anyone else. However, whatever it happens to be is a much bigger secret for them than for anyone else. So I guess it is that the private life itself is a secret, and in such contrast from the ostensibly pure professional existence that she leads.

So, to paraphrase, it isn't that Johnny has a crush on his teacher Ms. Q, it is that Ms. Q has $10,000 in leather bondage and torture equipment, and Johnny is none the wiser.

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