It's OK Until You Really Think About It...  

49AK 56M
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3/16/2006 10:38 am
It's OK Until You Really Think About It...

One day I was chatting with someone in the chatroom, and the topic of floggers came up. One of my favorite female chat correspondents was very excited about floggers, and was chatting and flirting with others about them.

Not being much for putting my cards on the table in the chatroom (if you really have something to say to someone, I prefer not to have an audience -- I would rather be chatting in private, on the phone or in person), I messaged this friend on yahoo and picked up on the flogger theme.

At first, she seemed really excited about the idea. However, as I talked more, and it became obvious to her that I actually knew what to do with one, she started to get a bit queasy. I even offered to teach her how to use them safely and properly. The further we went down the road, the less excited she seemed about it... to the point of being genuinely unexcited.

It could have been she didn't want to play with me, but I really think that it was more about the flogger, and the idea of it. It was a shame, I bet she'd be fun with one.

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