How to make a bad mood last all week...  

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2/1/2006 12:12 pm

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How to make a bad mood last all week...

I have this acquaintance... I know him much better than he knows me, and in fact, he's a bit of a celebrity in these parts, so lots of people know of him.

I was driving around town yesterday listening to the local talk radio folks, and they were talking about some things that he was doing and what the 'conventional wisdom' was about his actions. There was a variety of opinions, some supportive and some critical. I know what my opinion about it is; my 'friend' is an idiot.

This person is self-centered, smug, rude, greedy and not very bright. He has a 'posse' and these close friends give him lots of advice and in a lot of cases seem to dictate his actions; it is almost as if he doesn't have an original thought of his own. If you're not one of his posse or a sycophant, then you're an enemy.

As I listened to people on the radio talk about him, I got more and more angry yestereday, and finally had to turn off the radio. I started to think about what anger meant to me in this case, and what I discovered is that I only get angry when I can't put myself in another person's shoes and understand intellectually and ethically. That keeps me from losing it in a lot of cases, where people act in good faith and just make mistakes, etc.. But when people are consciously mean or lazy or dishonest, or... fill in the blank, I get angry.

This 'friend' has no moral or ethical grounding for his actions. And that makes me angry.

So this morning, I turned on the radio, and there there were again, talking about this guy. It's enough to make you wanna listen to disco.

rm_buzzbay99 52M

2/2/2006 11:48 am

The sad truth is, anger only hurts us. Stewing in your car while listening to the radio makes your blood pressure go up and shortens your life and has no adverse effect whatsoever on the target of your ire. Take a tip from the Buddhists. Let it go. Positive energy begets positive action. Always operate from a position of love, not anger, and good things will happen to you and those around you. It might even change your friend. Certainly your rage isn't going to make him a better person, and it will only make you miserable for yet another day.

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