But some people do...  

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3/13/2006 11:32 am

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But some people do...

I read a blog today... [post 268901] and I was wanted to respond, but it was one where there was not much that I could say without having the person jump down my throat. So I thought I would reply here in my own blog.

I've said on more than one occasion that the process of meeting new people on here is a slow one. Just cause we are both looking for fun and living on the same continent doesn't make us the perfect match, and it isn't going to have me calling you 'sweetie' and 'honey' (in fact there's almost nothing that would have me calling you that). We'll chat, maybe have dinner or a cup of coffee, and see where things go. if there's chemistry, there is, and if there's not, there's not. I totally agree with you so far.

But if you've felt comfortable enough with me that I have your instant messenger ID, and we've been chatting there, or even your telephone number, I don't think it is OK to just stop answering the phone or responding to messages or emails, as your way to say that you aren't interested. If you've gotten that far with me, you know that I am polite and considerate, and just blowing me off is neither of those things. You're right, I would get the message, but that would be just one of several messages I would have gotten from you.

Now perhaps there's more to your story. Perhaps your caller is a creepy, stalker-type. Not answering your phone or responding to emails might be the right thing to do then. But that's no way to treat people that have treated you with respect.

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