75-cent Tuesday  

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7/19/2005 7:43 pm

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75-cent Tuesday

Okay, check out that picture.

Now pictures Zombies coming out and snatching up Liv Tyler.

Pointelss scene?

I didn't quite think so when it happened in "Land of the Dead" at the movies tonight. (but with two random actresses I didn't recognize). My friend (who just broke up with her girlfriend) did.

That led me to question why I didn't think two female extras making out like horny teenagers and suddenly getting attacked by zombies coming out of the wall had a point.

But I think I've got it.

See, you have to remember that this is Romero directing this movie. And he's old school.

You used to always see stuff like this in horror movies. Young adults committing what the church would call carnal acts and getting eaten/killed/maimed by evil monsters/psychos/serail killers/zombies.

Because if you have sex before marriage, Jason will get you. And if your a girl and you kiss a girl, you'll get eaten by zombies.

It's funny.

My friend is so gonna get eaten by zombies.

But, then again, I'm gonna get butchered by Jason Voorhies for all the sex I had in High School.

Who's coming to get you? And why?

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