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4/8/2006 5:41 pm

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6/19/2006 1:02 pm

…so everyone here on this site …pretty much understands the name of it is ‘AdultFriendFinder”…i see no where in that title… or in the AdultFriendFinder rules… that says a woman posting on here has to be looking to suck some strange mans cock…or be prepared to open her legs to every man that comes along… excuse me… but i never saw that line in the rules they have here…the name says ‘Adult’… ‘Friend’… ‘Finder’…. which to me and many others …says it’s a site for adults wishing to make or meet new friends in whatever area of their lives they desire to find them in… ‘Adult’ friends… which also means everyone on here should be somewhat of an adult in one form or another… or so most would think… so why is it then… that soooo many men on this site… believe its their territorial right… to tell anyone naught looking to suck their cock or spread their legs for them… that they don’t belong posting on this site??…just where in blazes do these asinine clowns get off with that??…just because that is apparently the apex of their mentality… or perhaps the only way they can obtain any sex at all in their meager mundane lives…does naught give them right… to tell anyone else on this site …that they too …must be so ridiculously shallow… adult friends… come in as many different venues in peoples lives …as do the people seeking them… and i for one …do naught need some skaggy mindless male twit slacker …telling me i can’t post here unless i desire to suck his skanky ass off… just because he can’t get sex at home while cheating on his wife… or anywhere else for that matter…

… there are so many other great people on this site… who are here to have fun and meet other ‘Adults’… whom can understand that we each have our own lives and desires within them… i have made some fantastic friends on this site… now please understand…i have no problem with others that here that only seek sex…if that is what they want and say so… and they don’t begrudge others whom want more…i say fine…power to them… at least they are being honest to admit it… but at that same time… those skanky twits that cant see past their own teeny cocks for brains… don’t have the right to condemn others who seek more than 5 minutes of erotic play… if they are so unable to understand about having an actual ‘Adult’ relationship… then perhaps for those types…AdultFriendFinder could place an arrow button on the pages they could click on… that would take them immediately to a place where they could find what they are seeking… and would be most happy…some place like….‘come suck my’…and leave the ‘Adult’ relationships to the actual adults…so sayth the feline..."mmeeoowww..."

blueguy1051 61M

4/9/2006 7:29 am

So, let me get this straight, are you saying you're not going to suck my dick?!?!?!? LOL!!!!

Hon, adult is not just for Halloween anymore. Some children wear the costume year round.

StarRavenMist 63F

4/9/2006 7:54 am a loaded question to wake up to before i even have my morning coffee...~winks with a bright smile ~

...and as far as the costume of being an adult...yes... i think that is a very appropriate analogy of the true that is m'sensual true indeed...

loadeddice05 45M

4/9/2006 3:22 pm

I sympathise with what your saying to a point!! That's your personal take!! Some women I'm sure aren't as offended to be seen as the object of a man affection!! Horny men abound!!! The first few pages while registering ask about sexual preferences??? Why?? Not everybody is as refined as you?? But you can be respectful and courteous and still look for sex!! Can't you???

Asking a woman to suck my cock actually worked once by the way???? lol

StarRavenMist 63F

4/10/2006 12:31 pm

...yes of course it is my 'personal take' on the subject...the offense is naught taken for 'being the object of a man's affection' from being a fully trained real life passion slave... i can tell you that 'being the object of a man's affections' is completely is the male species in general….but… you seem to be confused as to the difference between what affection is ...and that of sex deprived horniness....for someone merely seeking a blow job from a complete stranger... has nothing to do with 'affection' whatsoever... its nothing more than a sexually deprived male seeking sexual release... plain and simple...

...affection is when you actually 'care' about someone...their thoughts...morals and life... all of which a man merely seeking such meaningless immediate release does naught....he cares only about himself and will lie...cheat or do almost anything but being honest to get it... yet it insults him when others… whom do have morals and standards hold to them... those are the ones i speak of...because they 'demand' everyone else be as small minded as they are about sexuality... and again...the problem is with the ones that seem to feel that every female on this site 'OWES' it to them... to give them that release… merely because the female posts here…and his testosterone is out of control in his life...that dear man 'IS' the problem... and the point of my original post poking jest at them on the subject… others whom seek only the quickie sex and say so... but 'respect'... that others might desire something a bit more substantial when posting here... i have absolutely no problem with at fact i applaud them for their honesty...but never should it be forgotten that 'respect' is definitely a two way street... you must give it to receive it...even when only 'playing' at sex...respect is earned... naught demandingly taken...that was my point of the matter... one... many such swine could definitely learn from... yet i shall naught hold my breath that they ever will... for that would 'demand' a use of an actual mind and naught merely their teeny dicks to do so...again i say… give them a link to ‘come suck my’…and make them happy…lol… but then again… sometimes it can be a good laugh having such meager mundane minds around to poke fun at…kind of reminds one of those in the 'bush' administration doesn't it??...perhaps those people sitting at the White House and ruining our country …should also be redirected to the same link button…after all … i am sure they would feel equally at home there… ‘come suck my’…what a wonderful place to send them all to... ~wicked impish feline smile~ …mmeeoowww...

rm_surf_2_sex 30M
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4/13/2006 9:01 pm

Solid. I know for sure what you are talking about. I mean, common, I'm 18 years old, what the hell would I get out of this site sexually? No one wants a kid in bed with them (at least it seems that is how they view me). You are right, there are a ton of horny guys on here that clog up everything with their profiles and cum, but you have to remember that there are those here that are here for sex. Now there should be no reason for you to be ridiculed because you don't post messages about sex, and anyone that does ridicule that should be shot in the knee caps. Now there are those here who are here to make friends, like yourself. I saw a post about finding a car pool the other day. I was super stoked to see it, because it looked so out of place with all the other comments. I guess some people lose site of what this place is really for. And what it really is for is for both aspects that people are looking for. Now myself... Sure an underexperianced college student would love to get in the sack, and would also like to talk to people who have been in the situation they are in. So pretty much, I am part of both aspects, but in all am just here to see what the whole world around is like on a more mature level. The place I am at in life right now is not sufficiant to where I want to be in the understanding of the world and of people. Just some thoughts.... Later!

rm_Lilith_24 42F

4/27/2006 2:44 pm

Oh, well. So, that kind of harasment not only happens in Mexico, but also in other countries.
There are many men in AdultFriendFinder who forget we women are human beings, not sexual objects and they feel they have the power to choose who they want to fuck that very night. And if the girl happens to say "NO", they turn very agressive and abusive!

Star Raven, send you a kiss, and since I am Mexican and my English is not very good, please feel free to correct me if I make any mistake.
See U soon!

StarRavenMist 63F

5/2/2006 2:07 pm

...thanks for the comments Lilith...and you are right... some men are just plain jerks to be found everywhere... but then there are some really great ones out there too... somewhere... ~smiles brightly ~ appear quite sweet yourself... your understanding of english is just fine with me... feel free to contact me anytime here or the same name on the 'Y' place with the hoo... so a slow sensual feline kiss in return to you too... be happy and safe hon... ~Kalina ~

StarRavenMist 63F

5/2/2006 2:09 pm

~ smiles ~ ...well there you are Blueguy!!...where you been??? there was a condition to go with that latte'?? and here i thought you desired my company for my 'anti-bush' semantics and hope all is well with you sweetie... and as always...its fun making time for the lattes with you...~winks impishly ~

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