Panties: Cotton or Silk?  

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1/19/2006 9:06 pm

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Panties: Cotton or Silk?

There's great debate among about who wears Boxers and who wears Briefs.

I'd wear Boxers more, but the reality is my Cock navigates south with gravity and next thing you know, I have this bulging line running down my leg - no I am serious. I want to wear Boxers and do, but briefs give me the support I need.

For women the question is not whether it's a Thong, G-String, Panties, you got options, depending on what you're wearing and how you plan on making the evening end.

Do you prefer Cotton or Silk?

For me, Silk ascends the intoxicating effects when you are run up close to that beaver! You can get your face right up there with silk, and see the moisture. I like to get right up there and take a deep sniff.

The tongue manuevers over silk well, and as the silk gets wetter, and the meat of her pussy swell and protrudes forward, you can gently get your teeth around that pussy meat.

And then, you can easily move some aside with your tongue and gently carress the sides of her pussy, getting her fucking crazy with lust.

It's at that point before I give her a licking, and pussy gnawing she's never had (unless she had me before), that I like to spend some time on her tummy, inner thighs, and nipples, and just under the nipples.

Yeah I know the special spots! But whats the choice ladies, Silk or Cotton?

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