40lovesetmatch 61M
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9/10/2006 1:35 pm

I went to the Bravo festival at Caldwell Park. We arrived at the theater just as the belly dancers were starting their performance. most of the dancers were in their twenties or thirties and their sizes ranged from svelte to ample. I must applaud the courage and confidence of the BBW I saw in the group to get up there and perform. I was impressed with there performance as well. The cant of the hips, the muscle control, the ability to isolate the upper and lower torso, all very impressive regardless of the size of the woman dancing. Very sensual and sexy.

We also watched the Flamenco dancers. This group had members ranging in age from the mid twenties, to the late fifties to early sixties. If you have never seen flamenco, it is a very physically demanding dance. Flamenco has a sensuality that is different from belly dancing. The female flamenco dancer exhibits a strong demanding persona. The persona of a woman who knows what she wants. I love this persona, because women like this let you know what they like.

Kudos to all of these women and if you have never seen them perform, check it out sometime. You will not be disappointed.

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