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2/18/2006 2:48 am

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2nd Entry

Hmm. Yaawwwn...

Went to the chat rooms today, they were even less receptive then yesterday! Starting to think those are a TOTAL waste of time as far as meeting people here. Hell, the old days on AOL were better than this! And, that's not saying much at all. It is a tight circle of people that kinda like dominating the conversations and do not go out of their way to welcome newbies in...unless of course you are female, then the pack zeros in! LOL!

I wrote a number of people today. I suppose you have to get out there and ring door bells, huh? Many are Standard members without pics, details, etc. So, it is very hard to know who is on the other end. In the chat room there was an older 'woman' showing off on her web cam (nothing to look at, believe me) and the word was spread in the room that she was a post-op tranny. Kinda hard to tell on a web cam, other than being as ugly as a guy...but with boobs. Scared me a little, after writing people with no pics! Not that you can easily tell, anyway, but that would be a traumatic experience! I would rather remember this in the future while listening to NIN 'Closer' then The Kink's 'Lola'!

I suppose a lot of standard members were people who threw up a profile so that they could get in and surf...that's how it works, I think. I suppose a lot of them are just bored & curious. But, you never know. My feeling is that some of the folks that are here and have been active for a while are actually kinda jaded. I don't care for that. If I'm gonna do anything like this I want it to be new and exciting and interesting. Not some 'ho humm' thing. I may never, ever do it again, but if I am? I want it to be somewhat special. At least a good memory to call up when needs be : )


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