First Entry ( a clearing of the air )  

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12/17/2005 7:33 am

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First Entry ( a clearing of the air )

Used to be a major swinger. Every woman I've been with since 1983 has been bi or a full on lesbian who just wanted to see what it was like with a discreet male lover. For what real purpose who knows. Went celibate for 6 years at the loss of my last love. Six years I let her (as if I could really have stopped her) roam the back alleys prowling about and fucking men, women and some that were not so easily discernable. Lost her eventually to a woman who demanded she become gotta love the irony in that one. So here I am looking for Ms. Right and along come this wonderful woman. I relocate to her and uproot what little roots I've made and come to the midwest to spend the rest of my life with her.
Well her ex tries to commit suicide and my lady freaks out. Then the Truth starts to pour forth.
She's been a lesbian all these years and had planned on just fucking me and useing me to get even with her ex so her ex would notice her again. Nice huh? But I just had to be a nice guy. She fell in love with me. We are getting married.
The problem here lies with the fact she misses women. The physical contact that I cannot give. Again this seems simple enough except that I do not want a girlfriend on the side to make things fair for her. If I wanted a girlfriend I wouldn't want to marry. So the end result is that we must share a woman to satisfy her need for women and her need to feel like she's not treating me unfairly.
I've met one really high potential girl thru this service that may fit the need well...or may not. What we want is a low profile and very hot woman who can give and take from either sex and who doesn't mind not being a daily part of our lives. Just someone for fun and off the beaten path sexual encounters. Someone not interested in trying to come between myself and the wife but in simply enjoying both of us with desire for the flesh and not for the gender.
I'm hoping to suprize my love with a woman over the Christmas/New Years week as we have rented a cabin in an out of the way location and plan to do nothing but fuck for 4 days. I'd love to be able to have her tied to the bed and have a stranger come in and bury my beloved face betwixt her legs and hold my lovers cunt and asscheeks open for my tongue and cock.
Two women in bed can be the most intimidating thing that a man will ever witness in his lifetime. It will set a man straight on where he really stands in bed. The only way a man can compensate is to forget his genitals and use his entire body, hips, thighs, belly and so on to arouse his partner in a slow bedroom dance of flesh. If a man can bring a woman to orgasm multiple times without touching her with his penis or fingers or mouth below the waist for more than 3 or 4 hours then he stands a chance of knowing the dynamics of what two women can do in a 48 hour marathon of lust. There is no competition here. No matter how hard a man can try..his penis will eventually either have to be tended to or will go slack and prove worthless to him. On the other hand a vibrator or dildo cannot compete with the full body thrust and penetration of an erect cock nor with the versatility of the organ to be used as a tool to touch every inch of her body with as though she were a pure pleasure item for the penis to rub against.
I just don't want to lose her to someone who thinks they need to 'take her away' from 'that man' just because they think that I've a penis so I must be evil.
Enough said for today..let's see how this pans out...

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12/17/2005 1:50 pm

Hi & Welcome to BlogVille'...Great First Post!

3rdParty07 57M
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12/20/2005 9:10 am

Well I'm on my way out of town to spend a day or more with a friend to give her a chance to spend time alone with her thoughts...I may come home to a changed person or a disaster..

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