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3/23/2006 11:34 am

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This is your assignment: You are to give your best friend the wedding of a life time. Spare no expense, but it must be fantabulous! The only thing is whatever you choose, it will last a Lifetime, and you must explain why you did what you did. Your friend will never run out of money, the more they spend, the more they have.. This can be a second wedding for your friend, yes if they are already married, they can remarry their existing spouse. We will not turn the clock back, if they have kids, the kids will go their too.

Our choice is for AngelofMercy, we will have her married in Disney World! The Happiest Place on the face of the Planet! The Wedding will be at the Grand Floridian! It is the most elegant place we know for a Lady of her impecable taste and charm. From there she can teach all her future Medical Student all there is to know, creating the most wonderful Medical Staff, because they will know what happiness, warmth, compassion, inovation, and wonderment that Disney World means to us.
Our Lady of Mercy will be able to travel and stay at every Disney Resort that now and in the Future exists, she will have her own PentHouse at each location for the rest of her life. God's Healing powers will decsend and keep her from anymore pain and or miseries for the rest of her life.
This is our gift to you Angel, our version of tag, now you are it!! And you must excecute the next Wedding.


3/24/2006 6:58 am

wow..Angelofmercy is so desrving of this wonderful verson from you

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3noangels 59G

3/24/2006 8:17 am

MRSMUFFLAND, you could be next.. So many deserving canidates to choose from, it was very hard to start with just one..

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