My first post: Definition of Irony.  

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2/22/2006 11:49 am

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My first post: Definition of Irony.

To educated or informed persons ignorance is really irritating. The improper use of words and their meanings is the most common way that many people show how truley ignorant they are.

Today a friend of mine, using another online site, posted a comment on how IRONIC it was was the number 88 kept popping up in her life. That is not irony it is coincidence.

Irony, or something being ironic, is like when you go outside into a terrible, wind driven, rain storm, on a cold and miserable day and you turn to someone and say "My what wonderful weather we are having". Or, when one steps out into a thick fog, with zero visibility, and then states, "I can see clear to the hills beyond the horizon".

Irony, simply stated, implies that something is the exact opposite of what you wish to imply.

Stating, "Wow I was thinking about how much I want to fuck you, and you were thinking how much you wanted to fuck me too. How Ironic is that?"

Well, that is not ironic; its a coincidence.

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