lucky to be here  

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1/25/2006 2:33 pm

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lucky to be here

Sometimes I curse my life feel hard done by, look about me and think that those around me are higher up the ladder, a little bit closer to the all giving sun.I feel that my chances and opportunities were rigged to fail or fall off by the way side. I feel lonely, I feel separate waging my own personal war against the generally ignoring world.

And then I hear see or am told someone Else's story......and boy am I see its chance fate the slimmest of reasons that were here, that my past struggled fought and survived that's what brought me in to this world. It's all to easy to forget that, very simple to negate the bitter pill generations before me swallowed and yet all around my kith and kin have inputed in to my life.

A nose here, a profile there, my eyes a process of the continuing battle of my genes, still can't make up there mind on which colour to be. My chest my thighs, my legs and ears all indicators traits, of past love and unions. In fact the smallest part of me is actually me the rest including the beating of my heart is down to a, century's of copulation.

So how can i feel alone when I'm a walking history of my family. Were all lucky to be here its a freak of nature a glorious mistake that we survive. we are all lucky to be here.....I grudgingly admit,
maybe now I feel it's up to me to fling all their effort yet another step forward in that why I'm here ...maybe a bit yes, funny that

I'm the end of the line you see, the butt stops in my hands or my loins. Um mm will have to ponder on that

lifeisablast333 55M

1/25/2006 6:19 pm

The Sex Goddess' eyes change color, and I find that to be sexy.
Sometimes we all feel that the world is against us, and sometimes it is, but you have the right mind set, lets be freakin happy with what we have. A couple of years ago, I pissed off a chance to promote, I am a rioten yes man, and a buddy took the spot, that was offered, he calls me all the time. To vent, he has no time with his family, and all seems to suck in his world, I'm so glad that this time the world left me out........LOL....The Redneck

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