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6/25/2006 4:35 pm
bring it on

Well, friday night was spent eating and watching telly with nick, we had a loverly time, though much of the time, I sat there worrying about the wedding I had to shoot on sat. it's been 10 Years since I last shot a wedding.....went to bed relatively early to save some energy.

In the morning toddy ( my jack russel dog ) was been shown at the local dog show by nick. I went down down to deliver and watch the beginnings of the show. It was dire no one turned up, a very lame group of agility dogs were doing demonstration....the dogs being as about as much use as a chocolate spanners, They offered Toddy a go, I initially said he wouldn't jump for no body, but the power of bacon sarnies, transcended his pride, we together coaxed him around and i felt a great sense of pride wen he behaved impeccably, both jumping and running transfixed by the greasy morsel in my hand, he then spent the rest of the morning whoring wagging tail big brown eyes for other scraps from passers by.

I left toddy for adventures with nick and went off to gear up and prepare for the wedding. Fortunately, it was in my village as was the reception so I could drunk as well. The service was a catholic one, which was new to me, the father was quite amusing, but not as amusing as the geriatric on the organ. I had a brief moment of panic when the flash became stubborn, soon relieved by unlocking the controls, panicked blindness. We all walked to the reception which set the scene for the informality of the event, I ran ahead, and squeezed off telephoto shots, of the walking beaming couple.

The Silk Mill was a gorgeous reception next to the river, A brief technical panic was covered by an professional detachment, my assistant was very scarred, normally we shoot with a preview of the shots on a laptop, the system failed to work, so I metered the light and trusted the kit. A very joyous afternoon was spent taking the formal shots, iI work hard at providing a light atmosphere so as not to interrupt or stagnate the party, it helped they were all happy and easy people to get a long with, flirting with the brides maids helped to ease the flow as well. I did a celebration dance after I had opened up the images after the main shoot, lo and behold I am a professional and their they where, better than we could imagine....

Proceeded to shoot throughout the rest of the day in a reportage manner, kids, dancing, laughing, eating and drinking all mixed in with teary emotion. The flirting and suggestive comments continued from quite a range of sources, when I was leaving bribery was being put in to action to secure my continued presence. I had a ball, but was also tired, drunk and looking forward to the nights continued revelry.

Dumped the gear off and then set off, for a party. We arrived to booming dub, in the back of a grand house, the party was in full swing when we arrived and very quickly I was lost in the groove and opened mouthed at the gorgeous women littered around. funny I'm less able to approach women in this environment, than when I'm in a position of semi power!!!.....we drank bounced around, but as always the rig started to churn out techno and like chewing gum it waned in our favour....but we had partied hard until 3.30 a.m. the craze of laughing gas is continues, so quite a funny scene of hardcore drug use and balloons all over the place. So nick and ouyty went back to mine to continue as best we could our revelry.

When we got back it was quite clear we all had sex on our minds and before long we were in bed screwing and gratifying outys every need. We have had group sex before, so it wasn't to awkward, I still find it hard to talk and wish I had more, it was good to taste pussy and bite nipples, kiss and suck whatever was on offer, I enjoy the closeness and kind of matter of fact exploration of pleasure together. Needless to say, we didn't sleep atall, finally spent and unconscious I was left on my own......I slept fitfully nursing a well used cock, to be spurred in to action, by an invitation to watch footy in winchester with jo and her friends....took toddy down for a barbie and we both had a wonderfully conclusion to another fab weekend. We are both exhausted and very full, of life love and good friends All me juv me XX

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