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1/24/2006 3:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Short and sweet

Thankyou all for coming
I hope I find you all well and happy
To all present I say this
I知 a wanker
You may find me bright and sociable
But really I知 irritable and lonely
Some may find me funny and caring
Really I知 arrogant selfish and boring
COs I知 wanker
Nothing special about me
Just a mess like all the other messes around me
A wanker a user and an abuser
And I知 dull and ugly to boot
I知 not fit for your praise or your appreciation
So spare them use them to greater effect
In criticism and hate
As a wanker I can take it
As a wanker I値l ignore it
And go on in my sweet wanking way
But beneath whatever sheen and glint
You may have once admired
Lies the dull ugly simple truth
Were all base wankers
Underneath our social shells
Eighteen carrot gold revealing tin plate
You can all go now
Safe in the knowledge that I知 not worth all the tears bitterness
That I may have caused
Believe me when I say I meant no harm
Hear me when I say sorry for the things I did or didn稚 do
COs I知 a wanker fallible and prone to disaster
Unable to live up to the expectations of those around me
Yes you are all better off without me
All my love me xx

3d60 49M

1/26/2006 10:13 am

Yhea your right there, no depth perception got to make ya crabby...This poem is tounge in cheek (as if ) but the real point is were all wankers so get on with it..hope you take a look again thanks for your support...should you wish apiece of me drop, a first line and a subject and I'll write you something. Heres hoping all is well in your world because everywhereelse is going belly up All me Juv Me XX

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