Phone call  

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2/1/2006 12:42 pm

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Phone call

there I was working away, trying to remember all the processes files and formats I was juggling ...when she calls me...I look at my phone and a stone thats been falling for a long time from a very vast height. crashes down. My heart beats in my chest i go red, I leave the phone to ring.

Your never over love, it chemically binds you to a time a place a state of excitement never to be experienced. I'm sitting here shaking with grief for the loss of her, a year a go we were opening like flowers to each other racing the incoming spring in to bloom. I call back later on when composure has fitted me like an old suit, stuffed in the pockets old memories hang about..Yhea I did need some advice but don't anymore see ya click ....Oh I say to an empty line.

Got to get out of this jacket and faded trousers, hang em up back in the closet, seems like there not needed they won't see the sun, play in the rain or look for beetles ..well at least not to day. Not now son your not needed in that way anymore

Call back again

I called today just to here your voice
I miss your language your tone
But you have turned it off your phone that is
So I hear an anodyne message to call back again
I won’t I will wait
I will sing and drink for you instead
And when I wake message you in my head
The suns climbing rays filling the void
You have left here in my head and bed

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