I like these multiple personalitys  

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1/24/2006 3:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I like these multiple personalitys

It seems to a relative newbie that more and more peeps are splitting apart their personallities, and logging on in different diguises, talk about playing the field and taking all the cake. Brilliant didn't think of that still comming to terms with what I am in terms of this site let alone the possibillities of who I could become.

I can image the games being played all over the land, fantasy is a new world for me, not to say I lack imagination no got plenty of that, what i now realise is it's personal permission...go on have some fun be something other be something badder, better, sexier, glummer and now my brain starts to tick over with possibillities.

Enter Outright Wanker, Bisexual libraian clit consummer...where a fine takes on a whole new process.....................watch this space as my experiments proceed will try to get some interviews of other such transgressors and post them up for deliberation.

So on that note lets hear of some of your fantasy creationsand the plaesure humour and sheer wickedness they might promote juv me XX p.s I paint image is one of mine ...sad I know but in a way it's how upuntill now i have actioned fantasy

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