A concerted attempt to show a bit of my life  

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6/12/2006 12:07 pm

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A concerted attempt to show a bit of my life

friday night....well afternoon actually, packing for the weekend...always manage to forget something. This time made damm sure not too, which meant many trips back and forth having already locked up and left....On the road, up the motorway, swing through not much traffic arrive a bit ahead of schedule...for once this meant i get a lift to singing...SO I CAN DRINK!!!!!!! Rum I up! I sing as part of the Santeria religion, we sing Orishas, and play Bata drums.

These ancient songs and drum patterns come from north Africa, they were taken by the first slaves to cuba and latinised, so a rich mixture of Yoruba and spanish, makes up the songs. The music made by the drums, is always the most stunning experience, i listen and take part in some of the best live music, going off anywhere. I sing as we all do with all our heart and soul, putting everything thing in to it. It all comes back an a mazing feeling of doing something good and healing. As a treat we have a Chekere session ( Various sized gourds, covered in a free moving coat of beads ), this has to be heard to be believed. A bit like like tuned white noise with a rippling beat of various tones...it takes you over, its purpose is to send you in to trance, but we have to sing, taking the opportunity to look at new songs we blitz through our books, singing hard studying harder, I learn by listening and lip reading, this backs up the written music and lyrics, I 'm constantly amazed by what we can learn. The effect is evident as the rum flows and the smiles broaden. Its Heaven, my expectations are always exceeded and I always marvel at my new and growing skill in singing. As a choir we beam and enjoy the collective music we make.

I go back to my mates house drink some more have a slightly to large pipe and spend the whole of the rest of my sleepless night singing songs badly in my ever more confused head. I wake up groggy but set for Breakfast in St Paul's, I catch with Dan and we discuss taking Banks to court over there illegal bank charges. By contractual law, they need to take you to court to win a judgment against you before the can penalize you, they are therefore acting illegally, so as more and more people take action they are settling out of court to prevent an actual precedent being set. Turned out to be a very stimulating and possibly financially rewarding tea and croissants.

Then football, Jeff's telly suffers from match nerves so we are taken by michelle for a trip to the cube cinema. We sit drinking beer watching very large screen action, all three of us sit in easy in each others company, laugh and chat. We win we go home and i go off for a party in boiling wells, a surprise party for one Gails friends. Not far from the center off the city I'm sitting on straw around a fire in the open air, drinking eating, throwing frisbees. As the merriment builds we descend on the singing trees climb in the comfortable limbs and sing to each other, this culminates with standing around the fire teaching songs to the party. I love it we all put our heart and soul in to it and gets even better....

Then its off to Gails own party where yet again drinking dancing and flirting carries on in ernest.....there is a whole crowd os gorgeous single women, I'm agog, open mouthed in joy and rapture. I single out Jess and we we talk animatedly about our work respectively with kids, her eyes shine and a wry smile graces her face as he champions kids entrepreneurial, verve and skill.

We drink more she touches me more, I feel very relaxed and enormously horny, not only is she beautiful and intelligent she is also sensual. I hold her hand, something i haven't done for ages, soon we are exploring what touch resides between us, she demands that i bite her....HARD.....I do but wimp out of full on wolf antics, this gets her neck muzzling in mine her lips caressing my neck...its now 4.30 a.m. i'm tired, not as drunk as I should be, but i suggest we should go. she wishes to go home alone, I reluctantly start off in the other direction. I look back to she she hasn't moved, run back and kiss her she responds we snog....she still resists ultimately so we part, none the wiser about each other than lust and joy.

Bird song conspires to keep me a wake and again i don't sleep. I crawl about and manage to read Thruppeny opera, and watch more world cup footy ...oh and lose money on idle bets with jackson. very quickly its rehearsals again and its off to Rumba. By this time I'm suffering, I still manage to sing with gusto and study hard but I can't stand for long, but again the music is superb and I'm looking forward to our gig at Ashton Court.

all to quickly Silas and i have to go and support a new night at Native, a soul shake down by our mate Laurie. No sooner than I'm in the soul funk and hip hop gets me and I'm dancing, on my own but slowly I gets them up, now the moves are all over the floor as the cream of havin fun and getting down in Bristle struts and laughs. I watch Anna sing and we all lap it up. I force an exit, too many peeps sad to see me go, but hey they gets the bets of me when they do....

I drive home having been taxi driver and get back at 1.30 a.m.

AND I FUCKING LOVE IT....but I'm shattered drained and STILL HORNY...so thats what i do pretty much each weekend, eat, drink. sing, dance, love if I can and squeeze in as many of my friends and sleep as possible all me juv me XX ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

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6/12/2006 7:02 pm

Sounds like a fun weekend! LOL!! Where'd you bite her? LOL!! Should I start calling you "Wolfie"?

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6/22/2006 11:15 am

    Quoting rm_hotmamaNcols:
    Sounds like a fun weekend! LOL!! Where'd you bite her? LOL!! Should I start calling you "Wolfie"?
or maybe we should call him Vamp...(Vampire) LOL...glad u enjoyed it...Take Care ~D~

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