Trip 5  

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4/20/2006 9:13 pm
Trip 5

Ok then, a little late on this entry, but better late than never.
Last weekend found us at the club again. Wasn't as crazy as St. Pattys day, but my oh my, what a ride.
We paced ourselves this time so we didn't get burnt out too early. Dinner was excellent & we shared it with two other couples & had some good conversation to go with the food.
We decided to hit the loft right off the bat & headed up & found a good spot to lay back & have a good healthy fuck. Another couple was across from us & shortly thereafter another couple was next to them & seems they liked eachother. Shortly they had this tiny lil gal between the men and she was workin em good. Then they hit her with a DP & she rode em till they were dry,... I like this girl!
Thier show had us goin good, as well as another gal that was gettin a good tounge lashing & she was screaming as she came & sprayed her juices over the 3 people that were taking turns getting her off.
I ended up slamming Deni really good & got her off a couple times before & roared out an orgasm & pumped it deep into her.
After recovering & cleaning up we hit the pool for a bit. We swam & talked to people, even got a half joking proposition to take care of a lady that was decidedly hornier than her husband. She was nice & I'd love to go for a roll with her, but didn't bite since we haven't established Deni's limits with them yet. Dont wanna get into a possible swap when she dont play that way, just not fair yanno! So anyway, we decided to hit the loft again & take in some of the sights while having a nice slow comfortable screw.
At the end of the night we were pretty well wrecked, found our corner to curl up in with our blanket & passed the hell out. Or tried to, some gal was gettin tag teamed up her ass & it was makin her cum like crazy, sounded like a 2 hour murder,... Lucky girl. lol

So yeah, good trip. Met some more people, & are getting to be known too. Who knows, might find someone to have a roll with soon.

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